Are you a 10 gallon person?

Are you a 10 Gallon Person or Not?

In a networking event this week and I was speaking to Paul Rees who works with people across the world on having Emotional Intelligence in their business.  He said to me, “Bridget, you know you are a ten gallon person but sometimes you surround yourself with one pint people.”

In this week’s Prescription for Success I reflect on this concept and consider how useful it is to be a 10 gallon person or not.  Watch the video and see what you think.

“Bridget, you know you are a 10 gallon person but sometimes you surround yourself with 1 pint people.” 

I thought – WOW! That is a really is an interesting concept but I’m not sure if I’m a 10 gallon person or not.

When I looked it up the concept has come from an Oprah Winfrey interview and considers the ten gallon person as one who is at full volume for giving love and receiving love and being open in relationships.  In the interview it mentioned that it’s fine to be a 10 gallon person if that’s what you want to be and if that’s useful, for you but you may be surrounding yourself by 1 pint people.

Have a think about it. In your business if you are a 10 gallon person what or who are you surrounding yourself with?

What do you want to be? What is useful for you?

Do you want to be a 10 gallon person or would it be better to be a 5 gallon person or maybe a 1 pint person surrounded by 10 gallon people?

This is just a reflective blog on the the whole concept.  Have a think about what’s the best situation and for you in your business.

When you are thinking of this you can then just widen the thought process out into the whole of your relationships at home, with family and friends.

The next step then is to think to yourself, do you need to change anything?

If you would like to talk to me about this I do a free session so just get in touch with me here and let’s have an interesting chat.

That’s me for this week

Dr Bridget