Deciding the people are around youDeciding who the people are around you

There is a saying that you are the sum of the 5 people around you.   Well I’m going to adapt that and consider the 6 people around me.

If you are going to surround yourself with people in order for you to be happy then you need to know what sorts of people they are.

In this week’s prescription for success I consider the people around me and show you a useful process to ensure that you have the right people supporting you and helping you to grow.  Watch the video and work through the process for yourself.

I’ve met with quite a lot of new people recently and it’s been interesting seeing what affect they have on me and my growth and happiness.

The six types of people that I have though of are:

  • those that are uncomfortable and feel stuck, they know they need some help.
  • those that are uncomfortable and unaware, they don’t know they are stuck but are unhappy
  • those that are comfortable and happy
  • those that are growing and happy
  • those that are growing and unhappy
  • and finally there is myself

So which types of people do  I want around me?

After careful consideration I’ve identified that these work for me:

  • Those that are uncomfortable and feel stuck I’d probably want as clients so that I can help them.
  • I’d probably be comfortable with people who are themselves comfortable and happy.
  • People who are growing and happy I definitely want these around me so we can learn and grow together.
  • Finally, I’m quite happy with myself, I’m interested in what I do and what keeps me happy.

I’d invite you to get some ‘Post-it Notes’ out and work out the types of people you have around you. You’ll probably find that the people around you are different to mine.  Then identify the types of people who you want to keep around you and those you want to move away from.

If you find this difficult as you are the sort of person who likes to keep people happy or you self sacrifice yourself to people please then get in touch with me here as we can sort this out easily.

It’s important to have the people around you that support you and help you grow then the sky is the limit!

Until next week

Dr Bridget – helping you to surround yourself with people that help you.