NetworkingHow Do You Know That Your Networking Is Working?

I attend networking for my business approximately 2-3 times per week.

Whether you attend formal networking or maybe just meet up with friends or new people informally, these meet ups are for a purpose. So, it’s really important to know whether it’s working or not.

This week’s prescription is a really practical one and I discuss  how we network and how we can measure our success. Watch the video and have a think about whether your networking is working or not.

Measuring your Networking Success

Measuring your success is one of the most important tasks you can do following any networking event whether it’s formal or informal.

For example, if I wanted to do 2 Breakthrough coaching sessions per month then that means I need 2 new clients per month to achieve my target.

Moreover, if I’m going to 8 networking meetings in that month, how many 1:1 meetings do I need undertake in order to get the 2 new clients? If I did 16 1:1 meetings in a month and I’m only getting one new client, then I probably need to double up the number of 1:1 meetings.

So, it’s a case of measuring achievements, recognising if you are having the results you want, then, adapting your behaviour and organisational skills accordingly.

If you turn up to a networking event and you haven’t got a positive expectation and you are not getting the desired number of clients from what you are doing then it’s time to start measuring.

Firstly set a positive intention that it is working as that will help it to work then look at the results.  If it’s not working just either change what you are doing or if it’s working do some more of it.

It’s just a practical Prescription this week but something we all need to think about.

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Until next week

Dr Bridget