Dr Bridget's Christmas MessageDr Bridget’s Christmas Message

Getting stuck – Everyone gets stuck, even Santa – who got stuck up the chimney.

This week’s Prescription for Success is a Christmas message with a bit of fun. However the idea is simple – no matter who you are you can get stuck and you can also get unstuck.

Watch the video – you are in for a treat!

In the song Santa got stuck up the chimney, but why did he get stuck?

When Santa got stuck up the chimney,

He began to shout,

“You boys and girls won’t get any toys If you don’t pull me out.

My beard is black, there’s soot in my sack,

My nose is tickling too.”

When Santa got stuck up the chimney, “A-choo! A-choo! A-choo!”

Why did he get stuck?

Did he have the wrong directions?

Did he not know where he was going?

Was he over-eating because he was anxious or depressed?

His beard was black, he wouldn’t have wanted that, so something went wrong there.

There was soot in his sack – negative memories, negative emotions?

Nose tickling – unwanted symptoms that are bothersome although not serious.

What I’d like to do is wish you a Merry Christmas and if you are stuck then  get in touch with me because I help people who are stuck and then 2022 will be totally amazing for you.

So Happy Christmas

Dr Bridget – celebrating and singing!