who you areUpdating Your ‘Who You Are’ App

This idea came from my online bank account which allows me to have an App on my phone.  I had a message saying if I updated my App then I could have some interesting new features added.

This triggered the thought – if you were an App, what would be the effect of you updating your ‘Who you are’ App.  Listen to this week’s video and think about how an update could change you.

Updating your App – what would be the effect:

  • If you updated your thinking.
  • If you removed your negative energy and memories
  • If you increased the positives
  • If you increased your physiological excellence.
  • If you became excellent in know what you want to do.

How would it actually change you?

Would it change your results?

Have a little think about how you could change your App.

When I updated my banking App the result was I had snow falling across the screen.

What would you like to see across your App?

If you are having trouble with getting the results you want then get in touch with me here I do a free 30 minute call where we can discuss what results you’d like and how together we can get them for you.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – updating my App for 2022