How to Cultivate Vitality

How to cultivate vitalityHow to Cultivate Vitality

Vitality has been proven to be a great way to get resilience in light of all the stresses and strain we may have on a daily basis.

As an example – Recently I was planning to meet a friend in England and at the same time my mum fell and broke her hip and ended up in hospital and then the dog was sick. Sometimes we get days like this when things happen one after the other. However if you have vitality then you become more resilient. It’s really about the decision to be vital.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I talk about how we can cultivate vitality and become more resilient watch the video and consider what you are cultivating.

In research, people label people as like ‘velcro’ or ‘teflon’ in terms of vitality.

In the ‘velcro’ group people were stuck, they had conflict, they had lost their confidence and had spiralled down into negativity. This resulted in them eating things that they shouldn’t, watching endless television and just doing things that were not helpful to them.

In the ‘teflon’ group people made plans but were flexible with their plans and they also supported others.

The difference between the two – the ‘velcro’ and the ‘teflon’ is really about being proactive. So, if you want to be a ‘teflon’ person them make plans, go out and do things, socialise and get on with life. Otherwise you will tend to be a ‘velcro’ person.

Ask yourself whether you are a ‘velcro’ or ‘teflon’ person? Have you tried these things in order to become more resilient and have vitality?

If you have tried it and it’s not going very well then get in touch because there will be some root causes that make it difficult for you to do the upward spiral rather than the downward spiral and I can help you with this really quickly.

So that’s me – I think I’m pretty ‘teflon’ at the moment and I know what to do to not be ‘velcro’.

See you next week,

Dr Bridget


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