How to get Happiness

How to get happinessHow to create Happiness

I think of happiness is an emotional state created by how we process information. Also I think it can be created by changing our physiology and the things we do.

I can help you change the way that you process information in order to get a reality that’s different for you to get a better emotional state. But in the meantime, I think a lot of happiness is about being present and just noticing those small things.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I share with you my tips on how to be present and enjoy those small things in life. Watch the video and try out the tips below for yourself.

My Happiness Jar

Over the last few months I’ve been creating a happiness jar.  I’ve put in it things that are personal to me and make me happy for example I have a small notebook that my mum wrote in about various milestones when I was a child, a note about walking at the beach,  or spending time with grandchildren and pets.

My Joy Album

I’ve also got a joy album on my phone where I put some photographs that make me happy for example photos of pets, scenery or special cards I’ve received.

You may have some things going on in life or in the past but if you can concentrate on being present, capturing joy and happiness and then have something you can go to when things are not as good as they could be, then that can be really helpful.

However if it’s gone further than that and you really need some help then get in touch because I can definitely help you with that.

So enjoy your joy and I’ll see you next week

Dr Bridget – enjoying being happy!


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