A Choice of What to Do

A choice of what to doA Choice of What to Do

It would be great if we always had a choice of what to do.  However, sometimes we get a little programmed and things happen to us and we decide we can’t do things.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I talk about the choices we have  available to us and how we can be more decisive in our choices so that we do the things we want to do and be the way we want to be. Watch the video and try out the task below.

I was speaking to someone recently, who used to be very outgoing, confident, chatty and decisive.  Then they went through some difficult experiences and they decided that all they could do was have a low mood, be less outgoing, confident, chatty and decisive.

This is what I think –

If you have decided to be in a low mood, be less outgoing, confident, chatty and decisive then you can also decide to revert that and to change it to do what you used to do.

Sometimes it’s as simple as making that decision.

If this is you then you can just float down into your body to that place when you were outgoing, confident, chatty and decisive, or whatever scenario you choose, and just decide that you actually take that on and be that person again and do those things.

If you can’t do this then just get in touch because that’s what I help people to do.

I help people to recreate what they used to have and what they want now but can’t seem to get it because of the negative chatter going on in their head.

So just make a decision and go with it

See you next week

Dr Bridget – enjoying being decisive!


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