What Affects Your Decision Making?

Decision Making

What Affects Your Decision Making?

It’s really important to be able to decide how you make your decisions, because your decisions affect your behaviour, which gets you your results.

We make decisions at every stage in our lives. We can make split second decisions or we can take time to deliberate over our decisions.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I’m going to be looking at what affects our decision making, and reflect upon the influence of our upbringing, our values and our internal makeup on our decision making. Listen to the video and let me know what affects your decision making.

I thought it would be good to consider this particularly as I have had a period of indecision over a couple of years and it was uncomfortable.   I was feeling that part of me wanted to do one thing and part of me wanted to do something else. This resulted in a huge amount of conflict going on in my head which was making me unwell. I was eating more. I wasn’t sleeping so well and wasn’t feeling very good.

I think it’s important to be able to make decisions – but what affects our decision making?

Parental Influence

I think that maybe your decision making has been brought about by your parents, maybe they have made split-second decisions and you are modelling them.  Alternatively you may think, I’m fed up of making decisions that quickly and I’m just going to think longer about it before making my decision.

Your parents and how they made decisions is key to how you make decisions.

Your Values

Your motivators are your values which are going on at an unconscious level.  (Click here to download my values workbook to  help you to work out your values.)   If you know what your motivators are it becomes quite easy to make decisions.

My values for my business are about determination, self-care, having fun and make a difference and if something doesn’t tick any of these values then I’m not going to do it. So, knowing your values makes it easier to make decisions.

Your internal make up

If you are having difficulty making decisions, sometimes it can be part of your internal make up. In NLP we teach meta-programmes. One of the 18 meta-programmes is that “when you come into a situation do you act straight away and then think about it or do you reflect and then make a decision”.

In a recent relationship I had,  the other person was a reflector and I was an action-taker and it was quite difficult because I just wanted to take action and then think about it and they wanted to think about it and then take action.  So it does have an affect

So work out your values for whatever part of your life that you are having difficulty making decisions. Just be aware of your conflicts and what your internal negative chatter is saying to you and also be aware of your beliefs about things and  then either:

  • Take a decision and then think about it whether it works,
  • Or don’t make a decision and think about it and see if that works out.

So as Yoda says – “There is no such thing as try – you either do or you don’t.” So take the do or the don’t decision and then go from there.

If you are having a bit of difficulty, if it’s giving you conflict, if it’s giving you sleepless nights, if you are not sure and you just want a chat to someone then get in touch  as I do a free half hour call.

Let me know if you are having difficulty making decisions and I’m just going to make a decision now to finish this blog as I think I’ve waffled on enough.

Until Next Week

Dr Bridget


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