The Emotional Causes of Tiredness

TirednessThe Emotional Causes of Tiredness

– How it affects your business and life

If you are feeling tired and you think that there is something physically wrong then go and see your GP.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I discuss emotional tiredness. That time when you get up in the morning and you’re still tired.  You know you’ve slept but you haven’t slept well.  You’re falling asleep during the day, there’s nothing wrong on a physical level and you know it’s a mindset issue.

A lot of people suffer with tiredness and it can affect your business and life goals. Watch the video and get in touch if you need some help.

Maybe it’s caused by your emotional state. 

You might feel anxious and  you’ve got a lot of things buzzing around in your head or you might feel sad and really low and lacking energy. Or there may be a lot of conflict going on in your mind or a lot of overwhelm. It could even be related to any other emotions like anger, fear, hurt or guilt.

If these things are going on in your mind then it will have an affect on your physiology and your cells and it will create a physiological state of tiredness.

The emotional state is driven by your reality. Your reality can be caused by negative emotions or memories from the past, negative beliefs and conflicts in your beliefs.

The symptoms that you can get from this include:

  • not being present,
  • not being motivated,
  • putting things off,
  • a reluctance to engage,
  • overeating or binge eating,
  • or drinking alcohol

If you’ve got these symptoms and this tiredness, then it’s really difficult to get your goals. So if you are not getting your goals or you are doing behaviours that you don’t want and you are experiencing this emotional tiredness then give me a shout.   I do a free half hour call where we can discuss where the tiredness has come from.

Until Next Week

Dr Bridget – Getting some rest to recharge my batteries


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