ChangeHow to change other people.

We can’t really change other people but what we can do is find ways to change ourselves which will change other people.

People who have done breakthroughs and courses with me change quite significantly in their values, beliefs, thoughts, and feelings,  going from what they used to have to something completely different. And really interestingly they find that other people change around them which can be great.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I talk about how using the NLP technique of changing the frame of your thinking can affect how other people behave.  Watch the video and let me know if you’d like to change your frame.

There’s a theme in NLP which is called perception is projection, meaning what you actually perceive coming from other people is often coming from yourself. So, if you change something within yourself then you’re going to perceive different things coming from other people.

NLP is all about changing frames- what you’re doing in NLP is changing frames so all NLP techniques, all language patterns, and everything we do within NLP whether that’s courses or breakthrough is about changing the frame of your thinking.

If you change your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, and what’s important to you then you get a different frame. Then other people see that different frame and behave in a different way as you do.

We have the frame which is our reality and before we do any work on it, it may be negative. Maybe your feelings, thoughts, beliefs, and values are not that helpful to you and this is the frame that we create our reality in and that’s what other people see.

When we’ve done some work we end up with a different frame, which happens in breakthrough and coaching sessions, and also on courses. We create a positive frame and therefore have more positive feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values and a different reality which changes the perception others have of us and their behaviour.

If you are interested in this then get in touch – click on the links and come and have a chat I do a free half-hour and we can work out which is the best for you so you become really positive.

Dr. Bridget