There’s Always a Way – Money Mindset

The thoughts that people can’t afford to pay for life-changing, business-changing help and mindset change are often due money mindsets that have come from the past.

Often people have parents who have money mindsets like ‘Money doesn’t grow on trees,’ or ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves,’ or  ‘People are just out to make money’.

These are all beliefs and they’re really strong beliefs sometimes. People I work with will say  ‘I’m just not worth spending money on and it won’t work anyway because I’m not good enough.’

As a business owner you then end up reflecting these beliefs in your pricing structure, your interaction with people, with selling, and with business success.

These money mindsets and money beliefs are often the things that conflict with you buying the services that you really need to change your mindset and become really successful. They are often part of the block so you get stuck and it’s almost like part of you thinks ‘Well I’m not worth it and I’ve got to look after my money’ and part of you thinks ‘I want to be really successful’

My breakthrough coaching and courses all look at money mindsets and they give you those empowering beliefs that you really need. It’s about flipping it and reframing those beliefs and saying

  • ‘Well yes, I am worth investing in’
  • ‘I am worth it.’
  • ‘I am good enough,’
  • ‘I’m excited about my business,’
  • ‘Making money is fun’

You are good enough to achieve whatever you want.

Now I know from having worked over 10 years as an NLP trainer and Coach that NLP totally changes these mindsets that get in the way of you being successful.  I really want to work with people who are totally committed to really getting the success that they deserve and reach their full potential.

I just wanted to let you know that, while it’s not necessarily always an effective marketing or selling strategy for me,  I’ve decided that I do payment plans and sometimes that just gets you past all the money beliefs.  You can pay over several months or sometimes you can start with lower payments and then after you have done the work and you’re excited about the success then the payments will go up.

I just want you to reach your full potential and get those empowering beliefs.  If there are money beliefs or any other beliefs getting in the way and causing you to self-sabotage and not get the success that you want and deserve then just get in touch because as the title of this video is there’s always a way. If you don’t want to take that way that I can offer you then maybe there’s something a little bit deeper as well going on and you still need to have a chat with me so that we can sort it out.

See you next week

Dr Bridget – looking after your money, your success and helping you get those empowering beliefs.