NLP Techniques No.1

I plan to share some NLP techniques with you once a month and for this  first NLP techniques video I’m going to talk about associated vs dissociated.

Association and Dissociation


You know you’re associated with whatever’s going on, whether that’s a problem or something really exciting, when you’re seeing, hearing, and feeling things.  You have all the emotions and it’s either really positive or really negative.

If it’s positive  then maybe you feel warmth, love, excitement, or fun. Alternatively, you can have negative associations and you feel really uncomfortable, depressed, or anxious, when you’re associated into a negative emotional state.


When you’re dissociated, you step outside of the situation and look at yourself .

I can  look at myself, I can hear sounds around me, and  can think about what I am feeling because I’m dissociated from that person and the feeling then disappears and becomes  neutral.

It is a really good thing to be able to dissociate yourself from negative emotions and its the basis of reconsolidation of traumatic memories, which is a treatment for PTSD that is 95% effective.  It’s also the basis of removing phobias and switching between associated and dissociated is the basis of all NLP techniques.

If I then float back into my body so that I am actually feeling everything seeing everything hearing everything, I am associated.

The technique of association and dissociation is a really powerful tool, so  notice when you’re associated and whether the feelings are positive or negative.  Enjoy them if they’re positive.

However, if they are negative just take yourself out of yourself, look at yourself and then the feelings will neutralize and everything will seem different which is a really cool skill to have.

If you want to go deeper and you want to learn more  NLP, or find anything else out about the techniques that I’ve mentioned so far, then come on an NLP course.  It’s fascinating, its good fun, its really interesting, and it’s a life-changing course for you and your business as well.

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Dr. Bridget