Mindset for Business Success

How NLP can help you in your  business.

I’m going to talk particularly about the sales context today. Sales is really about mindset – the customer’s mindset and your own. Let’s face it – in business generally, although there are some exceptions, we’re all here to sell. And people buy because they want to meet their values, what’s important to them about the purchase, at that time.

Different things are important to different people. Values can be passed down through generations, from society expectations, or from a purely personal perspective.

I always remember the time when I bought my first Audi- I was really excited and I went into the Audi shop garage in my local town and I had a chat with the salesman. I was really excited walking in there and he talked to me about how many miles per gallon it did, what the seats were like, how safe it was and how there weren’t any risks with buying it. Following the conversation, I thought “I don’t want to actually buy an Audi having talked to you”. Here are my values for buying a car:- it’s bright red, it’s got a soft top goes very fast down the motorway and people go “wow look at that!” those were what was important to me.

If the person that’s selling, whether that’s you or someone else, asks “what’s important to you about buying a car” I would have said that. Maybe he could have asked me “why is that important to you?” My answer would have been because it makes me feel really good and I feel really proud to own it.

So that’s the feelings that goes with those values. If you’re the salesman, you can use those questions and answers to talk to the person because that’s what important to them.

  • What’s important to you about x?
  • Why is that important to you?

So that’s one of the many ways that NLP can help you in your business.  If you want to find out your personal values for your business I’ll put a link in here so that you can download them. The question to ask is “What’s important to me about my business.

In the end, if you’re selling, just ask your customer what’s important to them and use that and they will be happy.  Because you working with what’s important for them and how they feel, you will  sell many more things than if you just guess, as the Audi salesman did with me.

If you want to learn more, come on a course or get rid of any fear of sales, then let me know and we can do a free half hour consultation so that you can ask questions.

So that’s me – off to drive the Audi – unfortunately its now black with a hardtop. I’ve got dogs so it’s probably easier, so the values of being able to get the dogs in it has probably overridden the fun and the wow stuff.

See you soon.

Dr Bridget- helping you to get more sales.