Can we think of NLP as a black box?

When you come on a course or do a breakthrough with me, sometimes people ask “what is NLP?”

My assistant recently came on the NLP course and she wasn’t really sure what NLP was.  When she finished the course she thought , “Now I’ve learned all the definitions and all the techniques – does it does it actually matter what NLP is if a person who needs things changing?”

In this week’s Prescription for Success video I talk about how NLP can be like a black box. We can’t always see what’s happening inside but it works.  Watch the video and be curious about whether you  need to know the ins and outs of NLP? If you do, come on a course or consider if you simply want the problem solved?

So in the video, I’ve got a black box and I want you to imagine there’s a problem in the black box.  There are things that go into that black box that create the problem and then there’s a skilled person like myself, who just rummages around in the black box and enables the outcome that you want to come out of it.

Maybe you’ve got fear, doubt, guilt, anger, sadness, or unwanted behaviours and results, or you may have unhappiness and lack of fulfilment.  So we put them in the box, and what we want out at the end of it is confidence, calmness, the wanted behaviours, the wanted results, and happiness and fulfilment.

So, here’s is an interesting question.

If you were coming to do a breakthrough with me, would you actually need to know what was in the box as long as you trusted me and trusted yourself, and did what we needed to do within the black box to get those results?

In a breakthrough you’ve  often got very similar problems to what we’ve got in the box here    –  so anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, limiting beliefs, negativity, and negative chatter. When you come on a breakthrough I give you a process that’s in that box that achieves what you want out of the end of it.

In reality, because NLP tends to work at an unconscious level, most people say “I’ve got no idea how you’ve done that but everything’s okay and it’s all fine now and I’ve got what I want.”

“Let me out of here I want to live my life!!!!”

So it’s just a different way of thinking about NLP. Do you actually need to know the ins and outs of the definition, in which case come on a course (details here) or do you just want the problem solved?

Dr Bridget – the black box expert