What's in your box?What’s in your box?

Hello and welcome to this week’s Prescription for Success. Today, I’m in the box and I’m wondering what you’ve got in your box, and how you put other people in boxes.

So I’m going to ask you what’s happening or what exists inside the box for you. When I looked up the definition of a box it was,  “A container where you store things, usually with rigid sides, with different shapes and is made of different materials.”

I’m going to ask you to image your nervous system as a box. Watch the video and let’s see what’s in there.

Inside, you’ve got…

  • Your memories, which are things that have happened to you that you’ve hooked negative and positive things onto;
  • Your beliefs, so you’ve made decisions at certain times and they’ve turned into beliefs so they then become a self-fulfilling prophecy that creates your reality;
  • Your Values are often in place by the age of seven and they do change through your life as things happen to you;
  • Your language, so how you label things or maybe you’ve got words like ‘shoulds ‘ or ‘can’ts’ or maybe you’ve got positive alternatives to those.
  • Your reality, which may have got some negative chatter as part of it.

So, we label ourselves by using these things – and we label ourselves as we would a box, and I’m thinking is that working for you?

If you label other people, if you label them with your own values, beliefs, your own experiences, and put them in boxes is that useful?

Is it working for you to label other people?

If it’s not working for you, if you want to break out of the box and you want to think and feel differently, then just get in touch because what NLP does is create positive memories, positive empowering beliefs, values that work or you, positive chatter, useful language and all in all a reality for you.

So just get in touch if you want to change your box and the contents of the box.

Dr Bridget – stopping you from labelling yourself