NLP Techniques 2.

The basis of all NLP techniques.

This week’s Prescription for Success is the second of my NLP Techniques blogs and I thought it would be useful for you to understand how all NLP techniques work.   I’m going to use the box analogy that we’ve been using in the last 3 posts for the explanation of this.

So, you may have put yourself in the box and thereby taken all of your problems with you. This box has boundaries it has sides a bottom and a top. But if you actually open the box and remove the boundaries then you get rid of the problems.

All of the NLP techniques are about destroying the boundaries so the problems can disappear. The way I do that is by getting rid of the sides either using techniques or linguistics or patterns to do that.

The basic pattern for all NLP techniques is to understand that people have a problem and to talk to people about their problems. So we put them inside the box so they can see what the problem is, then we take them outside of the box so they can notice all of the resources that there are around and they can use what they want. We then take them and their resources and we put them back in the box. And because we’ve been across the boundaries of the sides of the box on a regular basis while we’re doing this process, the sides actually just disappear and therefore there is no problem.

We associate people into the problem, we take them outside of the problem using our language or a technique, we give them the resources and then we put them back in the box and the sides just disappear. If we do that often enough, then there is no problem anymore. That’s the basis of all NLP techniques.

If you want to come on the NLP course and learn how to destroy the boundaries around the problem so there is no problem, then just check out the link to find out more about what the NLP courses are all about.

They’re great fun! On some of the courses people just don’t want to go home. They have no problems anymore as we’ve destroyed all boundaries around their problems and what’s more they know how to help other people. It’s fascinating stuff, really useful and it makes a huge difference to people’s lives and I’d love it to make a difference in yours.

Until next time

Dr Bridget – helping you learn how to destroy those boundaries