Solving Overwhelm Using An NLP Technique

Today we’re talking about solving overwhelm using An NLP technique called “Chunking down”.

When you’re completely overwhelmed, when you have so much to do, when you start to feel stressed and you get a tightness in your chest and think “I don’t know what to do”. This then ends in you doing absolutely nothing.

Watch the video and try this NLP technique for yourself then let me know how it helps.

When do you feel overwhelmed?

I often feel overwhelm in the garden where there are so many things to get done and I don’t know where to start. I look round and feel that discomfort and not knowing what to do.

At times like this, if you use a process called “Chunking down,” then it becomes much less emotional, you gather all of the detail and you can just turn the overwhelm into a task list.

When I’m in the garden and feeling like that, I could choose to say to myself, I’ve got to:

  • mow the lawn,
  • clip the hedges,
  • jet wash paths,
  • plant the plants,
  • sow seeds,
  • tidy the sheds,
  • put the rubbish out.

By making a list and it starts to get a little bit sort of task based.

But even that is quite a high level. For example, where specifically have you got to mow:

  • the whole lawn
  • the vegetable patch area

The how are you going to mow. I’m going to

  •  mow it with a mower
  • and cut it right down so its quite short

Instantly you’ve gathered more detail you’ve chunked down by using

  • what specifically,
  • who specifically,
  • when specifically
  • how specifically,

Then, you end up with tasks that you can actually be unemotional about and you can just write them down.

When you’ve got the tasks, you can then prioritize them, you can delegate them (“YAY  delegate mowing the lawn that would be good”) or you can delete them and say “Oh, I’ll just have it as a meadow it would be fine”.

So something that’s quite emotional and overwhelming and stopping you from doing something, suddenly becomes a whole lot of tasks to do and is unemotional and you feel much happier.

This technique is called “Chunking Down” in NLP and it can help with overwhelm.

Next week I’m going to continue this theme and talk about solving overwhelm by “Chunking up.”

If your interested in language, it would be good to see you on an NLP course or you feel you’re a little bit stuck then just give me a shout and we can have a chat about whether a course or some coaching would be beneficial for you in order to get your communication working in the exactly the way that you want it to.

See you next week

Dr Bridget – getting your life in order