OverwhelmedChunking up -Solving Overwhelm Using An NLP Technique

Sometimes we get overwhelmed because we’re lost in a load of detail. Last week I talked about thinking  there’s so much to do  and giving you a tool to help with this. In my case , it was gardening and I chunked it down to discover the details which helped  lot. (Here’s the link to last weeks post) But, sometimes if you chunk down too much you get lost in lots of detail and you can’t remember where you’re going, or why, and it’s a bit chaotic.

So if you think about what you’re aiming to achieve or what’s the goal/vision and you use the question “What will this give me?” then you are chunking up the level of detail  so you get more abstract and find the purpose.

So if I say “I’m going to mow, I’m going  to do the edges, I’m going to jet wash, I’m going to plant the plants, I’m going to sow the seeds, tidy the shed, put the rubbish out, etc, etc”, it sometimes just gets too detailed. I think “why am I doing all this ?” – it is a good question! Watch the video and find something that overwhelms you and ask yourself that question.

So if I’m chunking up and you say “what will all these gardening jobs  give me?” then I’ll say “well it’ll give me a great place to relax and give me peace, and when I get peace I get really creative and I have fun and I enjoy every minute of every day”. So that’s chunking up and saying “what will all those detailed things give me.

Also, it’s a great thing to be able to chunk up with someone else, because if someone else is saying how detailed their list is, they’ve probably got different lists.  They’ve got “well I need to sweep up, I need to tidy the leaves, etc, etc ” and you’re going about mowing, cutting the edges, jet washing etc, and you can both agree that “hey all of that will give us a great place to relax have peace and be creative and enjoy every minute of every day” then that solves two issues. It enables an agreement at a higher level. It’s part of how to use NLP to negotiate and gain agreement.

So that’s what we call chunking up. I teach this in NLP training and the course gives you an a lot of communication tools for understanding yourself and others, and being able to communicate really excellently. Here’s  a link to the course  and if you’d like to talk to me more about how to get excellent communication, I do a free half hour -here’s a link to that  as well, so have fun. If you’ve got something that’s overwhelming you, chunk up and find out what doing those things would give you.

Dr Bridget – helping you find out why you’re doing your behaviours.