NLP Technique No 6: Body Language

This week’s Prescription for Success is going to be about body language which is something I teach on NLP courses and is an NLP technique.

So, let’s ask- why is body language important?

If you use your body language effectively and you get into rapport or even break rapport. This will impact your

  • sales conversations,
  • relationship building,
  • connection with other people,
  • networking,
  • coaching,
  • and working with your team.

Indeed, you can make connections and you can break connections using your body language with other people.

Listen to this week’s video and try some of these techniques for yourself.

In terms, of rapport and body language somewhere between 50-60% of that is about your physiology for example:

  • How you are sitting,
  • How your arms are in relation to your body,
  • How your legs are in relation to your body
  • Whether your body is tilting back or forwards from your waist
  • Whether you’re sitting or standing,

In terms of that physiology you can:-

Match Physiology – by doing exactly the same as the other person – so if I put my right hand up someone opposite me would match me by putting their right hand up.

Mirror Physiology – by doing the mirror of the other person – so if I put my right hand up someone opposite me would mirror me by putting their left hand up. Just how you would imagine it in a mirror.

Breaking rapport -Sometimes there are scenarios where we just don’t want to be in rapport with people, so learning how to break that connection and break that rapport is important as well.

Breaking connections – if you actually change from matching mirroring to do something totally different then that breaks rapport and sometimes that’s really useful.

I’ll leave you to work out when it might be useful to break rapport.

Check out the video where I work with one of my team and create examples of body language.

Just think – what if you used your body language in a really effective way – how would that help you in your business?

How would it help you get business success?

Would it help you to get more sales connections with people who are useful to work with, able to coach and team work really effectively. Also relationships in general throughout your life will be mush easier.

How would it be if you could learn that? It absolutely makes a huge difference.

If you want to learn more about rapport and physiology using the tone of your voice, using words, using representational systems, and much more come on a course. We cover all this and you’ll be surprise at how effective it is.

So that’s me – enjoy looking at the photos and have a little practice when you’re talking to other people, match, mirror, break rapport and let me know if you want to come on the course. See you next week.

Dr Bridget – giving you useful tools