NLP is a way of decluttering your mind

NLP is a Way of Decluttering Your Mind

In this week’s Prescription for Success, I’m going to talk about how NLP is a way of decluttering your mind.

Recently, I had a skip delivered as I felt I needed to do some decluttering around the home and garden. The reason for this was that my purpose for being on the planet, my purpose for running the business is about enjoying every moment of every day and there’s been some changes so I thought I need to declutter.

This triggered a thought about how decluttering can relate to business success.  Listen to the video and think about how this can work for your business success.

In terms of your business success think about what’s the purpose for you in running a business and wanting business success?

Think about your goals and what you do and ask yourself if there are things that are cluttering that up and preventing you fulfilling your purpose and reaching your goals. If the answer is “Yes,”  then you need to declutter.

Some of the things you can think about from your business include practicalities like premises, people, tools that aren’t working, and that sort of thing?

Alternatively, it could be an internal thing so you may have some negative beliefs or negative chatter or you may have some negative emotions going on with memories that have caused you to get stuck really, and maybe you need to declutter those.

So think about the practical things chuck them out in a skip or something equivalent. If you’ve got some emotional things that you need to chuck out and you need a different mindset,  empowering beliefs, positive emotions then just give me a shout I offer a free 30 minute chat where we can discuss how I can help you to declutter your mind.

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Dr. Bridget – Decluttering for Success