NLP for Sales

NLP for Selling & Sales

– Part 1

Did you know that NLP skills can have an amazing impact on Selling and Sales?

In this week’s Prescription for Success I’m going to share with you some NLP skills that can give you the edge when it comes to selling and sales. Watch the video and try it out for yourself.

Selling is about selling your goods, selling your services, selling yourself.

We’re selling all the time, we’re selling in business, we’re selling our products, we’re selling our services, we’re selling ourselves.

In life, we might be selling a holiday to a partner or we might be selling something we want to buy but others are not too sure about. When it comes to getting your kids to do something that’s often a bit of a negotiation and a sales process.

Anything where you negotiate, where you’re influencing, where you’re “selling” formally is a similar process really.

The 5 Step NLP Process for Sales

NLP gives you a five-step process for selling and sales

STEP 1 – Get into Rapport

This is about your physiology, how you are, how you hold your body, the tone of your voice, the words that you use, and the preferred system you use for accessing information in your brain (visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, gustatory or olfactory)

STEP 2 – Talk to People

The next thing you need to do is ask questions, use some compelling language, and make sure you know what’s important to them and what their values are. When they are successful in buying something, how do they feel, what do they think, feel, see or hear – use their representational system. Find out their strategy for how they buy things.

STEP 3 – Find a Need

The third thing is to find a need. So what is their need? If they haven’t got a need then they’re not a client and there are plenty of other people out there who have needs. So find the need and propose the solution.

STEP 4 – Link the need to your product

Fourthly, link their need to your product or service if you have something that meets their needs. If not then there’s no point in trying to sell something that they don’t need because they won’t be happy with the result.

So you would use their success strategies, and their values, and you would answer objections as you went along as well, and you just link their need to your service.

STEP 5 – Ask for the Sale

The Fifth thing is actually asking for the sale, asking for the order. What I find is that people can do quite a bit of the first few things and never get around to asking for the order when it’s actually sitting there on the table and people are just waiting for you to say “What’s the next step? What shall we do now? How do you want to pay? etc”

So NLP gives you a whole series of skills in that five-step process and if you want to learn the skills then either book a session with me or come on a course and we can give you those skills in order to be able to sell and get what you want in your life.

That’s what it’s all about.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – let me know if you have a need.