NLP for Selling & Sales

– Part 2 The Importance of Values

In this week’s Prescription for Success, we’re going to be talking about NLP and sales and consider why understanding values is an important factor.

Values are important because they are motivators and, in sales, it’s really important to understand what motivates people.

Last week we talked about how sales and negotiation occur throughout the whole of our lives, whether it’s with our kids, our partner, people we meet, or friends.

So our values are our motivators and they influence the decisions we make.  Your values are different in different areas of your life and when you know what is important to you, then you can tick those values and live life in the way you want. Then again, you can put some boundaries around yourself if people or things aren’t ticking your values.  For others, if they know your values then they can help you, and if you know their values then you can sell, you can influence you can negotiate.

What is a value? 

A value is one of those unconscious filters that enable us to create a reality at an unconscious level, and they’re held in an hierarchy so you have a top value for each level of your life and then you have other values below this top value. It’s really important to work out what your top four values are  in each area of your life and then make them conscious.

I’ve written a book called “Mindset For Business Success” some years ago and I put a chapter of my book which is all about values and how to elicit your values. Here is a link to download the free copy of my Values Workbook so you can work through it.

I also teach how to elicit values on my NLP courses.

S0, just find out what people’s values are and that will enable you to tick their boxes and make you effective in sales and selling.

Until Next Week

Dr Bridget- finding out what’s important to you