NLP for Selling & Sales

Part 4 – Mindset Perspective

In this week’s Prescription for Success, I’m going to summarise identifying your customer’s needs from a mindset perspective.

Have a listen to the video, try out the sales techniques outlined and let me know you how you get on.

Firstly it’s important to listen. When you are asking questions you are finding out what is important to people. As identified in my previous blog you will be learning what the customer’s values are by listening to their language patterns.

Secondly, we need to ask the questions and find out the specifics. Ask them what is important to them about the purchase that they’re about to make.

For example: if someone said to you “I just want a safe car” that is not specific, so you could follow that reply with  “Well, what does safety mean to you?” or “What sort of car do you think is safe?”  Once you have established the specifics you can then progress to ask “What’s the purpose of having a safe car and what does it mean to you?    This allows you to find out more.

What you are doing by asking these questions is chunking down on the value and then chunking up to find the purpose.

In terms of the questions, your going to ask open questions or closed questions which we discussed in my last blog.

Open questions will give you more of a model of that person’s needs and values and they’ll tell you a lot more. Sometimes you might just need to narrow it down by asking a closed question like  “Is this a car you’d like to buy or not?” which would require a yes or no answer.

Giving options and alternatives

At times you will need to give customers options and alternatives. However, although it is good to have choices make sure you don’t overwhelm the customer with too many choices which makes it difficult for them to make a decision.  It may be worth asking  “Would you like me to tell you about other options or are you happy with what I’ve told you?”

So that’s about identifying customer needs and once you know what their needs are then you can then progress the sale by matching their needs to a product or a service that you provide.

Give it a try and let me know how you get on.

See you next week

Dr Bridget- setting your mind up for success