NLP for Selling & Sales Part 5

How to use NLP Skills in Sales

This week’s Prescription for Success is the final one in our Series on NLP for Selling and Sales.

This week, we’re going to discuss how we can use NLP skills to improve sales.

I’ll share with you a list which will help you and explain how we can help you, whether on an individual basis or in training to achieve all these things.

Watch the video and check out the list of tips below

Selling and Sales – Mindset

Self-belief – If you don’t believe in yourself it’s going to be really difficult to sell. Without self belief you will find that you project your lack of belief onto your prospect and you won’t be able to establish rapport so they won’t  have confidence in you and won’t buy.  If this is you we can easily sort this.

Full Commitment – It’s important to have 100% commitment to what you do which means you know your values. We can elicit your values for your business, and for different areas of your life so you can identify and tick the top four and be totally committed and therefore happy.

Taking Action – So many people that I work with procrastinate maybe because of lack of self belief or they are not aligned to their business, relationship or life circumstances and they are struggling. So their unconscious mind, which protects them, actually prevents them from taking action.

Selling and Sales – NLP Skills

Rapport –  make sure you get into rapport and I’ve done a recent blog on “How to get into Rapport”.

Language – using your language to elicit people’s values, being able to chunk down so that you get the root cause of the problem, or chunking up to gain agreement and influence.

Confidence –  it’s really for you to have that confidence in order to answer objections.

Close the sale – so many people get to a point where they are ready to close the sale and they  stop and think “I can’t ask for the sale”.  They create a picture in their heads of people saying no, and then they don’t ask for the sale which they were practically there.  We can help you learn how to change pictures in your head so that you’re fully confident in asking for the sale. And also to move on if someone says “No,” recognising it’s not personal.

We teach all these on our NLP courses and during one-to-ones, so if you’d like to get better at sales by learning NLP or changing your beliefs or changing strategies that you’ve got in your head then just get in touch, I do a free session to see how we can help you and it would be lovely to talk to you.

So that’s the end of the Sales Series – keep selling.

I’ll see you next week with a new topic.

Dr Bridget- setting your mind up for success