Alignment in your Business

As you know I am an “Unsticker” and when you are stuck you find you cannot move, you cannot take action and you are not happy. You have negative thoughts going on in your head and that affects your business, relationships and you are not able to be joyful.

However what are you if you are not stuck? You are aligned.

If you are aligned you are living on purpose, you are living in line with your values, you have got full belief in yourself and you have got the behaviours to go with it.

Success then becomes effortless, you feel really aligned and you can get on with your life, be happy, and your relationships flourish.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I’m going to unpack this thought of alignment in your business and share with you how you can get from ‘stuck’ to ‘aligned’.

How to get from ‘stuck’ to ‘aligned’

If you are stuck you really need to get rid of your negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, and anything related to these. For example any limiting beliefs that you’ve got which might be affecting your success such as:

  • “I’m not good enough”
  • “I’m not worthy”
  • “Success is too hard”
  • “I’ve got a fear of failure”
  • “I’ve got a fear of success”
  • “People like me don’t do things like this”
  • “What will people say?”
  • Or people pleasing actions

A wide variety of these can cause you to be stuck and therefore not get you what you want in your business. It can directly affect your turnover as well.

What I do is help people to get rid of their negative emotions and  negative thoughts.  I do that using something called “Timeline Therapy” within a breakthrough coaching process.

You then get a clear head, you can set goals, you can take action and you have more energy.

S0 ask yourself what do you need to let go of in order to be:

  • Fully aligned;
  • Not stuck;
  • Happy;
  • Successful;
  • And to have the turnover or anything else you want out of your business?

Doing some Timeline Therapy will help enormously.

I can help with this on courses which also give you skills to interact with your team and other people, or with intensive 1:1 coaching.

So just get in touch and book my free 30 min call so we can chat about where you’ve got all your stuckness from so we can make your success really effortless.

See you next week!

Dr Bridget- getting you “unstuck” for success.