The Power of ‘Why’.


Sometimes I forget why I’m doing things, my purpose, my ‘why’. At times like this everything gets a little more difficult, everything seems hard and maybe I start doing some negative emotions.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I’m going to talk how in business or your personal life, if you are not doing your ‘why’ and your purpose then it will affect every level of success.  You either become really focused if you are concentrating on your ‘why’ or unfocused if you’ve forgotten about it.

Watch the video and let me know if you are focused on your ‘why’ or are stuck and need some help.

Simon Sineck when he talks about ‘Start with why’ and he talks about it being a central belief or a purpose. It’s that thing that gets you out of bed in the morning and it leads to the ‘how’ you do things, what you do and generally motivates you.

My purpose is enjoying every minute of every day and the reason I run my business is because I enjoy coaching and training. Moreover, I enjoy seeing people get the most out of their lives as a result of the tools I give them and the work that they do.

Recently I realised that I’m not really focusing on my why. So I’ve got a joy photo album on my phone but I haven’t put anything in there for a while. I thought it might be good to do a journal about my purpose and a joy journal.

Another thing to remember if you are not getting joy is that you may need to put some boundaries around

  • people;
  • what you are doing;
  • your energy level and what makes it rise and fall.

If you find enough things about your why then it will far outweigh the small amount of times when you get those negatives.

I’ve recently got a new dog, one of my dogs is not well and the other one is getting a bit bored so I thought why not get a third dog. So we got a 15 week Springer Spaniel called Fletch, and he is a delight and it’s also got me out of doing some negative stuff.

So remember to find your why and what if you did – wouldn’t that be brilliant!

If you are having difficulty finding your ‘why’ or focusing on your ‘why’ then get in touch, I do a free 30 min call to chat about how I can help you.

See you next week!

Dr Bridget- busy enjoying every minute of every day!