Using NLP to Support Others.

Today’s prescription for success is all about using NLP to support others.

Many of the candidates who come on my course do so because they often find themselves in the situation where others share their problems with them.

These candidates have a desire to help others and if this is something that resounds with you then learning NLP can be a great help. Watch the video to find out how NLP can help you support others.

Maybe you are a coach without NLP skills and you get a little bit stuck because sometimes it’s about working with the unconscious mind to create the change. If you haven’t got those skills then occasionally you will get stuck.

Equally you may be a team leader and want to help your team. Or maybe you work with your family and friends.  NLP skills can help in these situations too.

How using NLP skills can help?

I recall working with a client who was stuck and felt they were going around in circles.  I asked them a couple of simple questions:

  1.  What if you did whatever it was?
  2. What if you didn’t do whatever it was?

These questions just expanded their thinking and had a really huge impact on their life.

Learning NLP gives you so many questions that you can use to make huge differences with lots of people.

Finding the root cause

Another reason for using NLP to support people is you can find the root cause of a problem. Often the cause is way back in the past from childhood.

Moreover, you can use language to help find people’s beliefs and find the problem that you can then solve. You can raise people’s awareness and then help them move to a different place –  resolving problems rather than simply leaving people feeling challenged.

A lot of people that I work with on a coaching basis have often done quite a lot of work with other people and they’re still feeling challenged, they know what’s going on but they can’t solve it themselves because it’s at an unconscious level.


NLP skills can also help you to teach people how to get motivated. What is more you can help them to keep that motivation no matter what’s going on in their life, and then hold that space and watch them fly.

Often when I’m coaching, people come and I do lots of work with them over a couple of days and they can’t wait to leave really so they can just get out there and live their life and that’s why I do what I do.

If you come on an NLP course, beginning at practitioner level, then you will learn these skills and when you talk to people who have been on courses they say “its made so much difference for my relationships and I’m starting to work with people in a more meaningful way even on a conversational level”

That’s how to use NLP to help others. I run four courses a year find out more about the courses here and just fill in the contact form.

Or, if you are looking for some coaching just let me know.

See you next week!

Dr. Bridget