Using NLP For Change.

Do you actually want to change your life?

Or is it completely perfect as it is?

Fantastic if it is and well done and congratulations on that!

However, I find that, even in my own life, there are always bits of things that I need to tweak so that I can do what I want to do, be who I want to be, and have what I want to have.

In this week’s Prescription for Success I’m going to explain how we can use NLP to help with change. Watch the video and ask yourself “Are you ready for change?”

Being trained in NLP makes me aware of my thoughts and behaviours. Moreover, I am really aware of the impact of any programming that I have in my neurological system from the past.

I find that those who have been on an NLP course or had NLP coaching are aware on a conscious level of their results and their behaviours. Furthermore, they are aware that it is not really getting them the results that they want.

Maybe that’s you or someone who you know.

If you learned how to use NLP what would that give you?

  • It would help you to set goals, and be able to put them into your unconscious mind. What I find is that because your unconscious mind has your goals then anything that comes into your brain  that is around you gets filtered so that you can get those goals and anything else that you don’t need is deleted.
  • It would help you to change the way that you think.  So, you are able to get rid of negative emotions, and negative anchors. For example, when things have happened to you in the past, you may think “that’s going to happen again!” which changes your behaviour, usually to protect you.
  • It also helps with getting rid of the unconscious mind’s wish to keep you safe. Often the reason for you not making a change is because the unconscious mind is keeping you safe and stopping you from doing things that might have gone wrong in the past. This can be useful in some situations but not useful in others. Time Line therapy (R) sorts this out so that you know you can be safe in other ways.
  • It can also help you to get powerful beliefs and thoughts, and to get really clear about your motivators and your boundaries for your life. Actions then are inevitable and the results are what you make them because of your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviours.

If you come on the course and you do some coaching with me I would say that change is inevitable.

Are you ready for that?

If you are and you come on the course you’ll be able to make all those changes by working with other people.

You’ll  learn new skills and how to communicate with people for change for yourself and others.

If you want to come and do some coaching with me then you will become aware of your thoughts, your behaviours and you will be able to change them. Moreover, you will achieve the goals that you want.

That is how to use NLP to change, if you want to get in touch I do a free 30 min call to discuss how NLP can help you or check out our NLP Course page.

Until Next time

Dr Bridget – using NLP to change.