How does Neuro-Linguistic Programming help leaders?

Are you a leader?

Do you want to become a leader?

People have their own definitions of being a leader, but you can be a leader in  a variety of contexts e.g.

  • leader in work;
  • team leader;
  • leader in your family or your friends;
  • self leadership.

In this week’s prescription for Success we look at what makes a good leader and how NLP can help you to develop the skills to be a leader that others recognise and look up too.

In my view, a leader is like a role model.

A person that is excellent at what they do, is able to do what they want, is able to take action and have what they want as well.  They then project all this to others which results in others being naturally drawn to them and begin to model their behaviour and become leaders themselves.

Leadership by default

Sometimes we become leaders by default.  I always remember when I was a GP I was appointed to be a Medical Director in the Local Health Board in Wales and suddenly I found myself a leader of 20 people in prescribing and clinical governance.

I recall some external training personnel joining us and I was just sitting amongst people and they said “You’re the leader aren’t you? you need to be up here,” and I thought “Oh yeah how did that happen?”

Sometimes we actually get there by default and then we have is some lingering doubts and fears and thoughts like “I’m not sure how to be a leader?” “What to do?” I’ll be honest I don’t think I was a particularly good leader and it wasn’t very comfortable.

If we’re not leading in the way that we want to because we’ve got some internal things going on some doubts, fears,  or imposter syndrome then we project that. Therefore, people project this back to us – so perception is projection. In reality if we’ve got people who we think don’t rate us as a leader its because we don’t rate ourselves as a leader.

NLP for leadership

In terms of NLP and leadership – NLP can enable you to

  • create some really empowering beliefs,
  • get goals,
  • know your values,
  • set boundaries,
  • take action toward what you want
  • do what you said you’d do,

With all this in place, then people will see you as a leader.

Moreover, I think this is invaluable even if it’s just for yourself and what  you’re doing on a personal level.

So that’s how NLP helps in leadership because it gives you that excellence of thoughts and behaviours, by sorting out any challenges that you have.

If this interests you then I run NLP courses and we can get all this sorted out and give you the skills to be a leader and get rid of all those negatives.

If you want to work one to one with me then contact me as well because I do a three-month package where we just get everything sorted out so you can go for it and be the leader you want to be.

Until next time

Dr Bridget