Today we’re going to talk about an NLP technique which is associating into an emotional state or into a problem state.

When you become aware of how to do this, then you can use that to solve problems and to understand the strategy that you’re using for a problem.  You can also use it to relive positive states which are really useful.

When you’re associating to something, you’re looking through your own eyes and you can see what you see, you can hear what you hear, and you can feel the feelings.

Now if that’s a negative emotional state it might be uncomfortable. However, but it can be like a means to an end because you can then relive the pattern so you can solve it. (Next week, I’m going to be talking about how dissociating can help to solve those negative emotions).

Alternatively, if you’re thinking about a positive state and you’re associated into a positive state then you can anchor that and use it when it would be most useful. We teach these techniques on our courses.

Association is when you’re actually in the problem and you’re looking through your own eyes and actually experiencing it.

You can think of a time when you experienced a particular emotion or problem  and you can bring yourself into the positive you can say “What time is that when you are doing that?” and “What are you doing?” and that’s just a change of tense so going from the past when you experienced it into experiencing it now.

If you’re experiencing negative states when you’re associated then we can dissociate you using NLP and I’ll be talking about that next week.

If it’s positive then you can bring that emotional state back at will.

If you’re suffering from negative states or you want to learn about how to use this technique then get in touch.  You can either come on a course, and we can chat about how that could help you. Or we can have a chat about how coaching will help you manage your emotional states.

So that’s me, I’ll be talking about dissociating next week and I’ll see you then.

Until next time

Dr. Bridget