Three NLP Techniques – to think differently

We’re programmed to think in our own unique way, and the filters that we use to think in our own unique way are:

  • Our memories (negative and/or positive),
  • Our values which are what’s important to us,
  • Our beliefs which are either empowering or limiting
  • The decisions that we’ve made which then lead to those beliefs.

How would it be, if you could decide how you want to think?

Would that be good?

And how would it be if you could work on your programming so that you automatically have some brilliant memories, positive beliefs and values that really motivated you?

How would it be if you become motivated, had excellent behaviours, and an excellent emotional state, wouldn’t that be brilliant?!

There are so many techniques in NLP that can help us think differently however, for this week’s Prescription for Success I’ve just chosen three areas where NLP can help with –  motivation, behaviour, and emotions.


When we’re motivated then we get our goals. our motivation comes from our values which are held at an unconscious level. Originally my values were about having fun and making a difference.

Unfortunately, that didn’t really make my business grow particularly and therefore I wasn’t helping as many people as I wanted. So, I changed my values, using NLP techniques, to determination, self-care, fun, and making a difference. This really helped my business take off.

Our values are really important, and if you don’t know what your values are here’s a link to where you can elicit your values.


Are we behaving in a way that is good for us?

Are we behaving in a way that doesn’t get us the result that we want?

NLP can actually change the picture of your behaviour and it can also change the things that lead to the behaviour. So if your behaviour is not what you want, then get in touch because there are so many things that we can do with NLP to change behaviours.


Our emotions also, lead to our behaviours

Are our emotions positive, negative or neutral?

How does that fit with our feelings of motivation?

And how does it influence our behaviour?

Particularly in NLP we can work on anchoring and getting grounded and we can work on the negative chatter that we’ve got going on in our heads.  All of these have the ability to lead to emotions that aren’t helpful.

The way to make these changes is to get in touch with me.

If you want to change your motivation, if you want to change your behaviors, if you want to change your emotions then get in touch.

It’s really difficult to cover all the techniques that you need to do to change those things in these blogs/videos but they’re very quick changes and sometimes it just takes a session in order to change your behaviour or to understand what your motivators are in terms of your values.

So get in touch I do a free half hour call and we can discuss how NLP can help you.

There are lots of ways you can work with me.

My Introduction to NLP  training day,  NLP Practitioner Courses and  I also do intensive coaching.

Have a think!

Do you want to be more motivated? Do you want to have behaviours that are more useful to you? Do you want to have positive emotions rather than negatives? and if you do just get in touch

Until next time

Dr Bridget – motivated to help you!