Work-Life Balance And NLP

It’s interesting, I’ve just been sitting in my kitchen thinking, “I must get more organised.”

When I considered it, there were so many things that needed organising in so many different areas of my life that I thought “I don’t know where to start!” Then I thought if I did get organised then it would probably make me feel better in other areas of my life too.

When we talk about work-life balance it’s just not about work and life, there are so many different parts of it for example health, family and friends, leisure, having fun and enjoying yourself, personal growth, your environment, your wealth, and your career.

With this in mind, in this week’s Prescription for Success I thought it would be useful to share a wheel of life with you.

This allows you to measure the different areas of your life. You’ll notice that there are eight sections on it.

I’d like you to complete the wheel and plot the score on each spoke, instinctively noting whether you feel fulfilled or not fulfilled in that life area.  A 0 is at the centre of the wheel where you are totally unfulfilled and a 10 is at the outer edge of the wheel where you are totally fulfilled! On completion of the eight areas join up the dots and identify areas where maybe things are working well or could be working better.

Subsequently consider how you could balance your wheel so if you did less in one area would that allow you to do more in another area. It gives you a starting point where you can just measure.

This allows you to decide what you’d like to work on and this is where NLP programming can help.

Often I find that the reason that our wheel is a bit bumpy is that maybe we’ve got beliefs about ourselves or others that prevent us feeling fulfilled in that area of life

You may hear yourself say things like:

  • “Oh I could never do that,” or
  • “I’m always doing this.”

These are generalisations and beliefs that we have that we have programmed into our thinking. We’ve grown up with

“I’m not good enough to do that,” or

“So and so won’t let me” or

“I’ve got to keep this person happy or that person happy so I can’t do this”

“Maybe I don’t matter I don’t deserve to have a balanced life”

and many others. It’s really interesting when you start working through it and it’s one of the things that we do in coaching and on the NLP practitioner course.

We start this off as a coaching measurement, then set some goals from that, and take some actions to make it a different shape if that’s what you want to do. I just thought I’d share it with you and you can work out your work-life balance and work out what you want.

We’re nearly at 2023 now and you’ve had a whole year of doing your balance in the way that you’re doing it at present. Is it working for you? What if it was even better?

So a little gift from me to you. If you’re struggling with any of the things that are stopping you from getting balanced then I do a free half-hour, or you can come on a course, so just get in touch if you’d like to.

Until next time

Dr Bridget- organising a dog walk in a minute