How you know when you need to get help

In this week’s Prescription for Success we’re talking about how you know when you need to get help.

In my blogs, videos, Facebook group called  “No More Stuckness”,  and in networking, I talk about the outcomes that people get from working with me.

This often leads to people thinking  “That’s interesting would that help me?” “Would that help with doubts, negative chatter, procrastinations, fears of success/failure, imposter syndrome, or any negatives that are stopping you from getting on with your life?

This is often followed by thoughts like “Oh I’ll just plod on, would it work? It’s probably expensive, I’ve done this stuff with other people before and nothing much has changed” and six months later people are still feeling the same.

What is the impact of thinking like this? What have you lost in that six months? Maybe emotionally you’ll have been upset and as we know emotions affect how our body functions and all our bodily cells, therefore, negative emotions can create illnesses.

Has it affected you financially? Sometimes people ring me up and say they’ve been trying to sort out how to start a business for the last two years and haven’t really got anywhere. As soon as they get somewhere they feel stuck like there’s a brick wall in front of them, and they’re not sure why they keep trying. Maybe it’s had an affect on their families, their relationships, their friends, and  on their general happiness in life. When we think about it that, six months is time actually out of our life.

As I get older, six months seems quite a short time and if I’ve been able to spend that six months feeling positive, empowered, fulfilled, and happy, that would be a lot better, wouldn’t it?

Maybe you’ve had some counselling, some CBT, or some other form of talking therapy. Maybe you’ve talked to friends and had the usual advice that you’ve heard before and still not made progress. You are still running that negative chatter, thought patterns, and behaviour. If this is you then now is the time to get in touch because I can sort this out within a couple of days.

I’d love to have a chat with you. I do a free half hour call so we can discuss what you’re doing with your thoughts and behaviours and the affect that’s having on you. And I can tell you how I can help you.

In general, I work with people that haven’t been helped by the usual sort of therapies. So if you think you’ve done that and you think you’ve done all the things that you could have done, speak to me because I can help you really quickly. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

Until next week, Dr Bridget- here to help!