What makes NLP Coaching different to other techniques

Why is NLP Coaching different?

In this week’s Prescription we are going to be looking at what  makes NLP Coaching different. I’ll explain the key ways NLP coaching is different to other techniques and outline for you how it works and what a typical coaching session or intensive breakthrough involves.

Watch the video and get in touch if you want to get rid of negative thought patterns and behaviours, get motivated and make some changes fast – I’d be happy to help.

Firstly it works quickly, it reprograms your thinking fast.

We are running programs in our thoughts and our behaviours from when we were born and sometimes they’re not really useful for us as adults. It’s all about the patterns of behaviour that we do because of the things that have happened in the past. The negative emotions and thoughts, once identified are gone in under 3 hours – compare that to many hours, weeks or years of counselling or psychotherapy.

Secondly, it’s comfortable. In the past I had some counselling and I found it good however I spent a lot of time going through lots of tissues and I understood where I was and where the thoughts came from, but it didn’t actually get rid of anything.  Whereas, NLP Coaching totally gets rid of negative thought patterns and behaviours.

Thirdly it’s fun.  People worry that they’re going to have to go over and over events in the past and feel upset about them but it’s not like that.  It is interesting and people get really interested in what’s happened, and how they do things and how we’re going to actually make a difference and do things differently.

So, it’s not about going over all things it’s not about getting upset and it’s not about taking a long time.  It’s really why I am an NLP Coach because if I was taking a long time to make a difference with people I wouldn’t be doing it because I “should” really be retired.

So what is NLP Coaching?

There are two ways I work with you in NLP Coaching. Sometimes I do Sessional Coaching with clients over weeks or months,  but my preferred option is to do Breakthrough Coaching which is where you work with me for two days with support for 3 months and unlimited access.

During the two days we identify the patterns and we understand where things have come from. We look at what the negatives are and we plan how to get out of those patterns.  We actually get to the root cause. We follow this by doing some Timeline Therapy (R)  which gets rid of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt, as well as the negative decisions and beliefs that you’ve got which lead to the negative chatter going on in your brain.

We then set some goals. If you’ve been listening to some of my videos you consciously set goals but actually, the unconscious mind gets the goals. So really NLP Coaching is all about aligning the unconscious mind with the conscious.  The unconscious mind is there to keep you safe so, if you haven’t got the unconscious mind on board, then it often scuppers or sabotages what you actually want to do.  Once we’ve identified your goals we then have an action plan and I hold you accountable.  In a nutshell that’s what NLP Coaching with me is about and it’s very different to other things that you may have gone through.

How do you access this coaching?

Well you get in touch with me here and we can have a chat about what patterns are, what you’ve done in the past, and what you want to achieve.  Then, we can set the wheels in motion to actually change things for you so you’re not doing the same stuff that you used to do.

So what if you took that leap?

You thought “Well it’s really time for me to do something, I’m not really enjoying what I’m doing now, I’m not feeling motivated, I’m not feeling inspired, I feel quite negative”

What if you didn’t feel all of those things?

What would you actually be able to do in your life?

What goals would you be able to achieve?

How would your relationships be?

How would your business be? Because when you align the unconscious and the conscious then business takes off and I’m living proof of that.

If you want to get in touch with me, I’d love to have a chat with you, with no obligation, I’ll tell you what I do and we’ll see what the patterns are, and then we can sort it out.

So that’s me for this week – telling you what coaching is about.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget- here to help!