How to get rid of unpleasant internal dialogue.

Your internal dialogue is what you notice in terms of your thoughts.  Your thoughts can either be negative or positive and for some reason, we seem to concentrate more on the negative thoughts.

In this week’s Prescription for Success we are going to consider this unpleasant internal dialogue and I’ll give you a couple of techniques to help you deal with it.  Watch the video and let me know what you think.

If you’ve got negative thoughts going on then that’s coming from your unconscious mind and it’s usually about your unconscious mind keeping you safe. Your unconscious mind is huge,  it runs your body, stores all your memories, represses negative emotions, and then puts them out there for you to resolve.

In terms of keeping you safe, if you start to push through a ceiling and look to step up to another level your unconscious mind is quite likely to introduce thoughts such as,   “When you last did this that might have happened or that might have happened.”  Additionally, you may have experienced some negative emotions, which results in negative thoughts or conflicts in your unconscious mind.

Maybe part of you believes in something and part of you doesn’t believe in something, or sometimes you want something and sometimes you want something else.  This can result in a mix of chatter in your mind that actually stops you from doing things, creates anxiety and other negative emotions.

For some reason, we don’t really notice the positives,  we either have negatives in our thoughts or we have neutral and fairly clear thoughts.

How to reduce negative thoughts

There are two main ways to reduce your negative thoughts.

  1. Peripheral Vision

The first one is called peripheral vision, if you actually focus your eyes on something then you’re really focused and that’s all you can see.  Whereas if you expand your gaze 180 degrees so your in that peripheral vision you shut off the adrenaline which stops the negative chatter and negative emotions.

So if you spend your life looking at 180 degrees even though you’re looking in a certain direction then that will stop that negative chatter, and its a good way to live because it’s also known as a learning state.

2. Timeline Therapy

The other thing that causes internal dialogue are negative beliefs, negative emotions, triggers back to things that have happened in the past. When people come and talk to me about what’s causing their negative chatter, there’s often a root cause. Once we’ve identified the root cause then we can do timeline therapy and other NLP techniques to get rid of the root cause and then the negative chatter just stops.

It’s quite amazing really when people come for breakthroughs with me they come with all this feeling of weight, negativity and anxiety with lots going on in their head. Then a couple of days later they leave and there’s nothing in their head other than the goals which we’ve put there and an action plan for doing them so there is no negative internal dialogue or chatter.

If you’re suffering with negative internal dialogue and its getting in the way and its stopping you from doing things then get in touch. We can have a half-hour free chat, find out what’s actually causing it and we can sort that out really easily.

So please get in touch so we can have that chat.

Until next week

Dr Bridget