How you can Maximise Your Effect on your Business

So how can you maximise the effect on your business?

At a basic level it’s about knowing yourself and being aware of the effect that you have on your business.

If you know yourself, if you know your purpose, your values, what’s important to you, your strengths and weaknesses, then if those things are negatives you can change them to positives to have a maximum effect on your business.

In this week’s Prescription for Success, I unpack some key areas that it’s important to address in order to maximise the effect on your business. Watch the video and let me know what works for you.

Setting goals

It’s also about setting compelling goals. So often people set goals that are about what other people think they should have that and these are not related to them, or who they are, or their values.  I can help you set goals using a specific technique that involves the unconscious mind, as it’s the unconscious mind that is the goal-getter whereas your conscious mind is the goal-setter. It’s really about having your unconscious mind aligned to your business and your goals and there are specific techniques for doing that.

Time Management

It’s also about time management techniques. I’m happy to disclose that until I got my Remarkable, I had lots of paper around everywhere which didn’t help me.  I ended up putting it all in one pile which wasn’t very effective. So have some time management techniques and some organisational techniques that will help you with your business. I’ve also got planners that I use and I’ve had them for some years now and I’ve now started to use it most days of the week and that’s had a huge effect on my business.

The right people

Make sure you’ve got the right people around you, make sure you’ve got people who are positive, are happy to give you feedback if you ask for it, that are happy to support you through the challenges of running a business. Then, just make sure you’ve got some way of monitoring how effective you are in your business and what you need to change.

How I can help

If you need any help with any of this then I help with some intensive coaching  or I run courses to enable you to know yourself and get rid of any barriers that may be ineffective in your business. These two things are really  the main focus of my business.

I also work with people who are not in business because actually it’s not about the business – it’s about the person, what they’ve been through, and how they got to being stuck.

So if you need any help just give me a shout, and let’s have a chat and see where you’re at, and how you can increase the effectiveness of yourself and your business.

Until next week

Dr Bridget- effectively telling you what I can help you with.