Catch it, Check it, Change it

I was listening to the Radio 4 programme “All in the Mind” today and was reminded of the phrase “Catch it, Check it, Change it” It was a programme about stress and how mindfulness can help us to reduce stress. I’ve included the link for you here Stress, mindfulness and Catch it, Check it, Change it

The programme also talked about the benefits of “Catch it, Check it and Change it”

The way that you see yourself, the world and other people can affect your thoughts and feelings, and can, if one isn’t careful, lead to mental health problems.

An example of this could be:

A teacher once told me off in front of the rest of the class. My instant thought was that “he didn’t like me and wanted the others in the class to laugh at me”. The more helpful response would have been- “maybe I should have done my homework- he’s only trying to help me to reach my full potential”

Which response would keep me awake at night?


“Catch it” Spot when you may be having negative thoughts by asking yourself how you feel. Anxiety is a good marker for these thoughts!

“Check it” Stop and check the reality of what you are thinking. Do you have evidence to back it up?How would other people respond to the same situation?

“Change it” Put some more realistic thoughts into your mind and ask yourself are they more likely to be true? Watch how your feelings change!

Actions (because acting on new knowledge is good)

Keep a diary where you note down the time and day of your thoughts, what happened, your emotions, your automatic thoughts and what would have been more rationale. If you practice this on a regular basis, you will see the patterns and change them before they become a problem!

Enjoy spotting those thoughts!