A GOOD and clear mindset is fundamental in running a business but the publication on Thursday of a

Dr Bridget Kirsop at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

major document opening the window on mental health in the workplace showed that not everyone in business has this.

The Thriving At Work report says mindset issues are often taboo subjects in the workplace because of employees fears that they will lose their job if they reveal to an employer they have mental health problems.

For small business owners as well, stress-related mental health issues can be the difference between paying the mortgage that month and not.

Indeed, many SME owners and directors think they have to work through the pain to get by. But investing in personal development to cope with stressful situations is the best route to mental wellness.

Dr Bridget Kirsop, one of South Wales’ leading Certified NLP Master Coaches and Trainers, has worked with hundreds of sole traders, partnerships, business directors and company owners to improve their mindset and teach them to cope when any big negative which comes along.

Through her NLP and Mastermind groups, Dr Bridget installs positivity to the individual’s thinking which then transfers to their sub-conscious mindset.

And it is the right time for businessmen and women to take stock of themselves with Christmas approaching and the stressful rush towards reaching targets in the weeks before the festive break.

With National Stress Awareness Day taking place on November 1, Dr Bridget, who is hosting new Mastermind and NLP sessions in January and has a new website packed with information, said: “A stressed mindset completely hinders a business’ development at a fundamental level.

“When you are dealing with complicated issues within a company but have the noise of other problems competing for space within your head, that is not going to help you, the people working with you or your clients.

“Every business has stress at times, but there are NLP techniques to help alleviate these periods and steer you back on the right route.”

So serious has the issue of stress and mental health become that the Thriving At Work report says that a sixth of the UK population in the work ages of 16 to 64 suffer from some kind of mental health issue.

These issues can be anything from slight stress over some workplace situation to depression and, says the report, the problems are on the increase.

Dr Bridget added: “I have worked with a number of business people who have gone through these situations and have helped them to regain their confidence, build their resilience and help them control the fears and anxieties they have experienced.

“When ask a business person how things are going, the general reply is ‘great’ but behind the mask, they may be suffering. I remove the negative and help them to take control of their business and personal lives again.”

For more information about how Dr Bridget Kirsop can help your mental health issues, look in the different sections of this website.

5 Tips to Manage Work Life Balance during the festive season

5 Tips to  Manage Work Life Balance during the festive season.

Work Life Balance during the festive season

Work Life Balance

I was asked to wrote 5 Tips to Manage Work Life Balance for a magazine recently and thought that it would be useful to share with you as well.

I also have a present for you!!!!! My “Mindset for Business Success” Kindle book, which is on it’s 3rd reprint, is free for the next 2 days and  you can get it by clicking on this linkVery useful for the New Year!

So, 5 Tips to Manage Your Work Life Balance during the Festive Season. Now some of you will be screaming at me ” WORK LIFE BALANCE – IT’S IMPOSSIBLE”, some of you will have worked it out already, and most of you, I suspect, will be wondering what you can do to spend time doing some work and also be happy and have fun. A lot of us run a business, some of us have a job where we might have got behind with work, and others may be looking after some very excited children and trying to keep everyone happy. Here are my 5 tips to get that work life balance during the festive season.

  1. Set goals and write them down. Put some personal goals and some work goals down in advance and tell people about them. They will then understand what you are doing rather than being surprised. Be firm about it and point out the advantages to others of you feeling calm rather than frazzled! 
  2. Set an intention. Expect the best and that’s what will happen. You get what you focus on, so focus on enjoyment and balance rather than expecting disappointment and frustration. This applies to all of your life, by the way!
  3. Decide on what is important to you. It’s OK to want to work if it is important and you feel fine with it. Let other people know what you want to achieve through the festivities to avoid feeling resentful and disappointed. It’s interesting how our parents, colleagues, friends and family have all got different expectations about this time of the year and this is because they have all grown up with different values and “should’s” and “ought to’s”.
  4. Be yourself. People often feel they need to “conform” to keep everyone happy but it often has the opposite effect. Find a way of keeping cheerful, being you, and doing what you want or need to do. 
  5. Find out what is important to others. If you know, then you can contribute to others enjoyment. If their wishes are opposite to yours, then have a conversation using the phrase “I know we all want to have a happy time together and it would be great to work out how we can do that….”

Have fun and be productive in whatever way is important to you! and here’s the link to the free kindle book again. 

Until next time ………


Christmas Tips – Day 8

Christmas tips – Day 8 – a free resource for you

Christmas Tips - Day 8When I work with people in business, often the 1st thing that I will do with them is to assess where they are. This tool is called the “Mindset for Success Wheel” and is a self- assessment of you and the way that you are thinking. You’ll notice that there are 8 self assessment segments – that’s great for my Christmas Tips – Day 8. If its looking a bit wobbly (most peoples are), there are plenty of things that you can do to balance out your wheel and get more success in your business, your career and your life. 

Here is a link to the tool Mindset for Success Wheel . Print off the wheel, have a look at the questions and fill in the wheel, marking whether you think you have scored a 10 (outer rim) or a 0-1 (central point). Then reflect on whether you need to make any changes and decide what they are. If you  need any help, fill in a form for a free appointment here. Its  the start of your  journey towards success! 


Christmas Tips Day 3

Christmas Tips Day 3

Christmas tips Day 3

Past, Present and Future

I’m a bit of a Time Traveler!!  I help people sort out anything negative in the past, enjoy their present and make sure that their future is brilliant! If you see yourself as a someone who has infinite potential, and just need help to get there , step inside the Tardis and meet the doctor- Dr Bridget- and discover the possibilities!!

Lets have  think about the past, present and future. 

All of our decisions are made with reference to our past and therefore it would be good to remove all of the negative emotions and any limiting beliefs that we have from the past. If you think about it, things happen around us and we choose to put things into our head that mean we think and behave in certain ways. Using a variety of techniques from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) including Time Line Therapy, you can get rid of negative emotions of Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt and Limiting beliefs such as “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve success”, “I’m a fraud”. Its quick and comfortable and easy! 

The present is a time that is fleeting and most people don’t take time  to notice things that happen around them. Taking the time to stop and enjoy every moment is a key skill to develop. In order to do this it helps to have a clear head where choice is possible. So many people have hamster wheels and whirlpools going round in their head that they just don’t enjoy the moment! Sorting out your past and then practicing techniques such as Mindfulness will transform your life.

The future is something that you can control. NLP gives you techniques to make sure that your goal is right for you, to make it really compelling, that it fits with your values and is firmly in your mind. This means that you give yourself the absolute best way to get what you really want.

Having been on many personal development courses, its clear to me that the changes need to be made at a deep level and NLP can do this. If you’d like to talk to me about how you can clear your time line to get what you want, click here

Till next time….


12 Days of Christmas Tips Day 2

Christmas Tips Day 2

Christmas Tips day 2

Being Grateful

Making sure that you are finding the time to do what you want to do is my tip today. Lots to be grateful for leading up to Christmas and these are two of them. They aren’t as peaceful as turtle doves but there is lots of love around! And it’s fun looking after them. 

I’m grateful for my two children and also my two grandchildren as we head towards Christmas. Day 2 of my Christmas Tips is about taking time to realise what makes us happy and to take time to enjoy a balance that means we can enjoy those things.

Ask yourself what is out of balance in your life and what actions  you  need to take to re-balance the days from now on. You can access a free session here  and get a copy of a Wheel of Life when you do. Sign up using the form on the right hand side of my pages to get my posts every week. 

12 Days of Christmas Tips – Day One

The First Day of Christmas Tips

Christmas tips

Be yourself

Its a Partridge in a Pear Tree! Looking up the meaning of this got me totally confused so I’ve made up my own version. I think that the partridge represents who we are as individuals. I’m someone who likes to enjoy every moment of every day and this picture sums it up for me! A client told me about this activity which is called Yarn Bombing. I cant wait to find out where to join  in with this. What picture would represent you and what is important to you? Be yourself this Christmas! Share these Christmas tips with people who you want to give a gift to.

Here are some things to ask yourself:

Are you being yourself in:

  • Work
  • Business
  • Life
  • With family and friends

If not, what are the actions that you could take in order to be yourself and be happy with you? If you need help, click on this link and ask for help!