Where are you in the Molehill System?

Have I lost the plot? Mole hills?


Mole hill

OK- so I’m known for being a bit different and even odd (nicely odd) at times! I was filming some prescriptions for success in my garden recently and noticed there were lots of mole hills – which is slightly frustrating as I thought they had moved over to the park on the other side of the river. Anyway, I like to take opportunities to film something a bit different and it got me thinking – “What is the purpose of a mole hill?” So I looked it up and apparently, moles have a system of tunnels, which I guess I already knew, and  the reason for making a  mole hill is that when it rains, all of the moles’ food (worms and such like) goes to the surface and they end up having to also come to the surface in order to survive. Thats really interesting and has made me more tolerant of the mole hills. And I thought – maybe this could be looked at as a metaphor for ourselves.

Maybe, we can bury ourselves underground and feel safe and secure but sometimes we need to poke our head up above  our comfort system in order to survive and thrive. I wonder if moles feel uncomfortable doing this? I have a cat who has bought moles into the house and can be seen sitting by a mole hill listening intently for any movement.

Have a watch of my video below and ask yourself the questions underneath.

Ok – so not my best video but it does raise some questions:

  • Should I stay subscribed to this web site? Thats not a serious question by the way- of course you will – lots of new things coming soon!
  • Where are you at your most comfortable – in your tunnel system or poking your head out of your comfortable place in order to survive?
  • Do you have a system that you function best in or do you need to find one where you can stay comfortable and survive and thrive?

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Until next week, happy digging

Dr Bridget

A New Perspective on Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

I thought it must be a message for me and a very timely one as well.

I also wondered whether it was a message for me or for you?

I regularly push myself to grow and every time I do, my comfort zone expands and it is a lot bigger than it was a year ago. I have a couple of things coming up which are getting me out of my comfort zone however :-

1.  A Medical Hypnosis course. I have qualifications in hypnosis but am not using it much, and I feel, as a former GP, that I could make even more difference to people with Cancer, Chronic Illnesses and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In fact, I am on the course as I write this.

Then the doubt started to kick in:-

  • Was I good enough?
  • Would there be people there that I couldn’t keep up with?
  • Might I fail?

2. I also thought about joining a growth group to grow my income and the things that came into my head then were:-

  • Do I have time?
  • Did I really want to grow my business?
  • Wouldn’t I be better off staying where I was an enjoying my leisure time?

Have a watch of the video below and then ask yourself the questions underneath


  • Are you OK to get out of your comfort zone?
  • Have you decided what you can do to grow and expand, both personally or professionally?
  • Do you need some help to do this very quickly?

Let me know if you are struggling as I can help  you to get over any blocks and decide to go for what you really want.

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Until next week- have fun expanding!

Dr Bridget