What you Need to know about your Values?

Your Values – knowing about them is important!

ValuesI was recently asked to give a talk to  a group of women who want to be more successful and I chose the subject of values. This is because they are so important in driving your success in life or even driving you down a road that you don’t want to go down.  I’ve given you access to a values elicitation tool here so that you can find out yours.

Values are your motivators, your drivers. They are usually in place by the age of 7 and can then get changed as life happens and we change our beliefs. watch the video below and then read the rest of the reasons for the importance of  knowing your values below the video. Remember to download your Values tool.

If you know what your values are you can really use them in the following ways:

  • Tick them – so use them in your life, business, career or relationships. Mine for my business are Determination, Fun, Clarity and Making a difference and I make sure that I “tick”those every day and then feel happy with  my progress.
  • Live by them. So I measure my decisions in terms of whether they are ticking my values – It’s so much easier to make those decisions then.
  • Explain to others what they are. When I do this they understand me and “get” me which I find really helpful.
  • Be able to find out what other’s values are. This means that you can tick theirs in your interactions with them, which makes life so much more interesting and relationships are stronger.
  • Know whether yours are useful for you – sometimes people have values which have “no movement” such as honesty, ethics, creativity and freedom. Lovely and if you think about it, not very useful to push a business or career forward. Maybe having something such as Purpose or Determination may move people more – what do you think? I put determination at the top of mine, which is easy to do with NLP

It’s what we teach people to be able to do in our NLP trainings or on a one to one coaching basis – just contact me on my contact page

Here’s the link for the Values tool – let me know what  your results are.

Have a great week and see you next week

Dr Bridget

Happiness- How Do You Measure Yours




It’s been an interesting week and we will be talking about happiness in this blog. It was really sad that Ken Dodd died – we will miss his laughter and tickling stick. and his songs – the most famous one starts:

“Happiness, happiness, the greatest gift that I possess “

And its International Happiness day today! In order to increase our feelings of being happy, I think that we need to be able to measure it in some way and then make the changes to increase our scores. What do you think? Have a look at the video below where I give you some tips to increase happiness and leave me some comments please.


So, what I would suggest is finding a book or a journal and start to measure your happiness scores each day. You can choose a time to do this – I think I’ll do it at the end of the day. Sometimes I bounce out of bed feeling happy in the morning and then my energy levels decrease through the day.

The things that have the potential to increase your  feelings of being happy are:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Positive behaviours
  • Positive actions

And you have a choice in your thoughts and your behaviours, don’t you?

Behaviours can include:

  • Kindness
  • Gratititude
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness

And if you feel you don’t have choices or can’t change your behaviours, get in touch with me.

Using NLP and learning how to change your negative thoughts and behaviours will greatly increase your happiness and we only have one life – I want to help you to live it to the full.

Until next week, be happy and  keep in touch!

Dr Bridget

P.S I have an NLP Practitioner group from April 20-27th if anyone would like to increase their happiness and be able to do learn the skills to do that with others. Click here for more details