How do You “Eat That Frog”? A Time Management tool

Manage Your Time

So many people talk about challenges with Time Management and it is often the biggest reason people give for not achieving and doing the things that they said they’d do. However, I’m sure you are aware that Time Management is actually Self Management!

Brian Tracy wrote a book called “Eat That Frog”. It sounds a bit Yucky! However it’s something that I talk about with all of my clients, my mastermind groups and it’s been a useful reminder for me to look at my list and start doing my time management really effectively.

Frogs vary in size, texture, smell and hairiness, and the tool is based on eating the largest, lumpiest, smelliest and hairiest frog first. The rest of the day then gets better.

Eating Frogs is SO important because it stops you from procrastinating, getting stuck and having loads of excuses and feeling rubbish.  Have a listen to me talking about the tool and using A’s, B’s and C’s.

There’s a tool below the video with a bit of an explanation about ABCs.


Here’s a quick lesson on how to “Eat that Frog”

Write a list of everything that you have to do and then sort them into 3 groups

A’s are things that are very important to do today which will help you to reach your goals.

B’s are things that are simply nice to do but you can’t do them until you have done all of your A’s.

C’s are things to delegate to others.

Here’s a quick example  Eat-that-Frog

I’ve filled in some of  my A’s, B’ and C’s on as an example

Happy Frog eating and see you next week.

Dr Bridget

Is anyone on your side? – Who do you get support from?

Who do you get support from?

Support i important

Get support

As you go through life, things happen around you that can make you feel really emotional. Sometimes, I find it difficult to show my emotions – after all, a coach “should” be in a great place all of the time. But, being authentic and honest, I admit that I do get upset from time to time.

And, as mentioned being “the coach”, I have struggled to find people who I can openly bare my feelings to but I’ve recently found a small group of people who I can talk to. Not only has it allowed me to gain greater perspective and feel supported, but it has also helped me become stronger for my clients and be of better support to them, my family and friends.

This week in my Prescriptions for Success’ vlog I discuss this, my own struggle to find support and the importance of getting the right support from the people around you. If you are struggling to find the right kind of support, click here to download a pdf copy of my book where there is a tool called ABCD in chapter 2.

This tool allows you to work through your contact list and sort them into categories – with the people placed in the “A” category being those you can rely on and those who will positively support you.

If after watching the video, you find yourself thinking that you need more support, then you can always ring me on 01656 347027 and I will get straight back to you. We can have a chat and I will be there to support you through your journey.

Until next time,

Dr. Bridget – part of your A Team!

Distraction – Why You Do It and What To Do About It

Why You Get Distracted And What To Do About It

Stop doing distraction

Distraction Prevents Results

Your unconscious mind is responsible for numerous things and one of them is distracting you! It sometimes runs internal strategies that don’t work for you in terms of getting things done and therefore you don’t achieve what you want to.

It’s quite funny because as I’m sitting here about to write this blog, an enormous yellow helicopter started swirling around my office with the big letters saying ELECTRICITY on it and I became distracted!

Just look at the distractions I have already gone through whilst sat here:

  • The dog barked and I had to reassure her
  • I had to check my electricity and Wi Fi connections (thanks helicopter!)
  • I had to take a photo for my blog – and yes – that is the photo above!

Distractions, Distractions, Distractions!

The reason I decided to write this blog is because I know distraction can be an obstacle for a lot of people – and I would like to be able to help you overcome it and help you become more efficient.

So we have goals and we know what we need to do to reach these goals, right? Then suddenly we notice that we’ve got distracted at some point and are off on another track. This wastes so much time and means we are not moving towards our goals efficiently.

Distraction starts with a trigger – something we see, something we hear or something we say to our self internally.

My usual distraction is something I see – in this case it was a big yellow helicopter or it can be a message on my phone or an e-mail or even a large pile of ironing, although that’s not very common I must say!

The key is to become more aware of your internal strategy and change it!

So, how can you become more aware and change your internal strategy? You probably know by now that it is all down to you and no-one else!

Watch the video for my tips and then read the questions to ask yourself below.

Find your trigger! Ask yourself “How do I know I’m getting distracted?” and “Is it something I see, something I hear or something I say to myself?”

Then plan to interrupt that cycle by adding something else in as an action when you notice the trigger. For example, when I see a message come through on my phone instead of picking it up, I say to myself, I’ll read that when I’ve finished this task and then continue the task. I set myself mini goals, within my larger goal time frame.

Tackle one distraction at a time and notice how much more you get done!

I cover distraction and ways to combat it in more detail on my NLP Practitioner courses – click here for more information and dates of upcoming courses.

If you are struggling with distraction and need some help, click here to send me a message and we can talk it through.

Until next time, keep focused,

Dr Bridget

Prescription of the Week – Overcoming Anxiety Quickly!

Most people experience Anxiety at one point in their lives and it may seem impossible to overcome this.

The dictionary definition of anxiety is: a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.

“he felt a surge of anxiety”

In this video I talk about anxiety being a future based emotion (in other words, totally controlled by your mind!) I also talk about a really simple exercise to lower your anxiety and how you can work towards eradicating it altogether!

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Or feel



Do Super Successful people have limiting beliefs?

Super Success vs Limiting Beliefs

Bridget HeathrowLast weekend I worked with 6 property investors, spending the day ‘drilling down’ to find out exactly what limiting beliefs were holding them back from running their businesses.  You wouldn’t believe the results we had.

#1 A super successful property professional realised that a limiting belief, manifesting only in the last 2 years had resulted in a
 sharp decline in his business.

#2 A new investor who was scared to even speak to people to look for investments actually realised that a limiting belief from her childhood was holding her back!

#3 Another investor made a specific plan to replace her income and leave her full time job in 6 months time, all after getting rid of 1 major limiting belief that holding her back, the belief that “I’m not good enough”!

How can an already super successful person, when taking on a new challenge, be held back so much by a limiting belief? The truth is that she had no idea that this belief was there. In fact, when I suggested it to her she quickly answered “of course I’m good enough!”

Its worth pointing out that this can apply to any business, not just property investing.  People are people and are affected by the same limiting beliefs, potentially crippling their businesses, or even business ideas that never turn into businesses.


How can you find your limiting beliefs?

In my book “Mindset for business success” I give you step by step exercises for you to find what limiting beliefs are holding you back. 

Some positive action for you to start today would be to kickstart these 2 things:

More awareness

As you go through your day, try to be more aware of the thoughts and feelings that you experience when you make a decision to do, or not to do something.  What made you make the decision to eat that second bit of cake? or decide not to finish that piece of work?  Being aware of your motivations and reservations will certainly lead to discovering the limiting belief that is the main driver for that behaviour.

More openness

Trying to be more open to other peoples perpectives and ideas really opens up a whole new world of enabling beliefs for you.  The key is though, when you find a great new way at looking at something you need to take it on board and really use it on yourself.

When you hear your friend saying “I love the feeling I have after a gym workout” – This is an effective ‘enabling belief’ that they have, which in turn acts as a driver to get them to the gym!

If you’d like to get rid of a nasty habit, research or ask people who have already done this how they achieved it.  Listen to what their beliefs and motivations were and decide if it’s something that you can take on board and use yourself.

If you want to get into a certain business like property investing for example, speak to a few different investors and find the ideas and perspectives which you yourself will need in order to make the change in your life.  I have a client who wanted financial freedom through property and was feeling completely stuck in her full time job. After working with me for only 2 days, she went on to completely replace her income through property in 4 months.

You don’t have to accept just any idea that comes your way or you might completely disagree with the other persons perspective, that’s fine.  Just being open to take on ideas that you feel comfortable with and align with you as a person will create a change, possibly just the change you need!

Here’s to your future success,

Dr Bridget

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5 Tips on How To Stop Procrastination-Once And For All


How to Stop Procrastination Once and For All – 5 tips 


5 Tips for stopping procrastination,once and for all

5 Tips for stopping procrastination,once and for all

Procrastination – One of the biggest challenges my clients have is lack of effective action  which leads to frustration and lack of fulfillment. That’s why they get in touch with me, an NLP and life coach, because they know they need someone to help them to stop procrastination, once and for all. Elsie-Rose was about to write a blog and decided to have a nap instead! What do you do instead of what you need to do? Here are 5 tips for you to consider, reflect on and use  


Tip 1

Find your BIG WHY If you find yourself procrastinating and being easily distracted by things that don’t get you to your goal, ask yourself why you want to reach your goal in the 1st place.?What will your goal get you and what will that then get you? I can use myself as an example. When I stopped being a GP, the big why for starting my business was to avoid becoming bored. Now I know that I want to help people to reach their full potential  and also to enjoy every moment of every day –I know that’s my real BIG WHY!! My Purpose!

Tip 2

Make sure  you are motivated by what you want to do Knowing your Big Why for the goal for is a huge motivator and you will also have other things that motivate you (your values). Your goals will then flow towards you  “like butter on a hot crumpet” (a Strictly Come Dancing Quote). My motivators (values) are – enjoying every moment of every day, having fun, developing people and having a purpose. If I make sure that I “tick” those values or motivators, I find that I stop procrastination once and for all. If you are really serious about finding out what  your values are I’ve got a super, no strings attached bonus for you – its a 45 minute free consultation (worth £125) and I’m giving you this free as an ongoing member of my community! Here’s where you can access your free session 

Tip 3

Get a system of planning and prioritising Write down your goal and then ask yourself what needs to be in place for you to reach it, then what needs to be in place for you to reach that etc etc until you get to the 1st thing that you need to do. This is working backwards from your goal and is a very helpful system for planning. An example from my business is – if I want to run another mastermind group as a goal, working backwards, I then need to decide how many people I want for the group, I interview them, I  find them , put a date in the diary, decide what marketing to do and to commit to doing it. So the 1st thing for me is to commit to doing it , then to decide on my marketing, then to put a date in the diary, then find the people, then interview them. I hope that makes sense. Give me a ring if not on 07973 635102

Tip 4

Become efficient Once you know what you have to do, make sure that everything you do is going to move you closer to your goal. There are many systems that you can use – I like Eat  That Frog by Brian Tracy. Do the most important and often the most difficult thing 1st . Only do the things you’d like to do, when you have done the things you have to do. Delegate where possible. 

Work out what your perfect day is and monitor against it. – This is how I do this:-  Write down 5 things that you need to do every day to get you to your goal. Score yourself against it and reflect on your successes and challenges so that you do things consistently and efficiently. Mine would be along the lines of:- 

  •  Get up at 7:30
  •  Work on my business for 90 minutes
  •  Journal
  •  Have fun
  • Celebrate successes at the end of the day

Of course, I’d be seeing clients and networking and growing my list with social media and many other things as well, but if I had to pick 5 things that make a difference, the above would be on my list. How about you? Leave me a comment so that we can share what makes the difference.

Tip 5

Get someone to hold you accountable Hold yourself accountable by using your perfect day tool and journaling. Also feedback to someone that will challenge you if you haven’t done what you said you will do. I have a system of holding clients accountable which I agree with them and then prompt them. If you’d like to talk to me about How to Stop Procrastination, once and for all, access a free session here.

Here’s to no more housework and ironing! Or mowing the lawn or watching telly or some DIY. Unless of course, that’s what your goal is!!!

Till next time, be productive! And many thanks to Elsie- Rose for contributing to my post!

Dr Bridget