Are You an Action Taker or a Reflector?

Are You an Action Taker or a Reflector?


Action v Reflection

I remember that I used to leap into things – well I still do –  and sometimes regretted being that action taker. On the whole though, I would say I’m happy with being one. On my journey towards business success, I have found taking action really useful but have been very frustrated by those who need time to reflect. In fact, I have had to stop working with people who reflect a lot because I find that they frustrate me ( I may well need them though in reality.) I’ve also spent quite a bit of money by diving into things and taking quick action.

One of our unconscious filters is meta programmes and one of these is whether you are an action taker or a reflector. Because these are very unconscious, you may not be aware of them and just notice the results. One of my aims in doing these prescriptions is to raise awareness of what is happening for you and whether it is useful or not.

Watch the video below and then reflect on which you are.

So here is the question ” When you come into a situation, do you take action or do you stop and reflect ?”

Or, are you somewhere in between?

Have a think about which you are and whether other people around you are different or not. Ask  yourself whether you need people around you who take action or people who reflect before acting?

If you would like to learn more about how you work internally and work out what other people’s model of the world is, you might like to come on an NLP course and start to understand yourself and others – it’s totally life changing!

Until next week, have fun!

Dr Bridget

What sort of person are you?

What sort of person are you?


How do you react?

When I was a Medical Director in the Local Health Board, over 10 years ago I remember that I used to get very emotional every time that I went to see my manager. It was embarrassing and they didn’t understand what was going on.  They probably thought “what sort of person is this?”. And since I’ve learned about how people work and their filters which are at a very deep level, I now understand it.

If  you remember, we filter the huge amounts of information that come into our brain with a variety of things. One of those things is meta programmes. There are at least 17 of these and one of them is whether you are a feeling person or a thinking person. Some people react to a situation that is giving them trouble with an emotional response and some people have a rational and thinking response to the issue. And of course, some people are in between and have a choice to do either. These are the people that make good managers because they can deal with a problem with another person from the perspective of that person.

Watch the video below and I’ll go into more detail in it.

So the question to ask is “when I come across trouble in my life, do I respond emotionally or rationally or somewhere in between”

You can ask other people this as well and then notice that everyone will be different. Also the context at the time may mean that you do one thing in one context and the opposite in another. If you are recruiting staff, you might want to ask yourself, what response you might want a person to have in times of trouble.

Let me know if  you have any questions about this and keep an eye out for other videos about meta-programmes. If you’d like to know more about NLP, here’s a link for the course page and one for contacting me.

Till next week, enjoy exploring what sort of person you are.

Dr Bridget