How to get Positive People into Your Life

Positive People

Hi everyone – let me ask you some questions:

  • Are you sitting there thinking that you are too busy to meet up with positive people who would support you in your life, business or career?
  • Do you have people surrounding you that are mood hoovers and drag your mood down?
  • Are you making excuses to avoid going out  and getting that support which would help you to be positive, motivated and full of energy?

This is what I think –  I could be sitting doing my business, writing blogs, seeing clients or people that are interested in me supporting them and, as a result, forget to interact with positive people.  I don’t in general have people who lower my mood around me as I have taken action to either change them to positive support or removed them from my life – sounds a bit harsh doesn’t it – but its part of keeping myself in a good space. Here’s a link to my ABCD tool coaching video which helps you to “sort” the people around you.

Watch this video and then take any action that you need to to.

So what is your gut feeling about your positive support? Do you need more or do you have the right people around you?

If you need more, who would they be? Get a piece of paper and start to make a list. Watch the ABCD coaching video on my Mindset for Success course. You can test people out to see if they are truly supportive or not.

Make a list of what you want to talk to people about and run past them and also what you can do for them.

If you need any positive support and would like to interact with me on a regular basis book an appointment to talk to me and also join my closed FB group called One Step Closer by clicking here.

It makes all the difference!

Until next week, go find and find those people and let me know how you are doing.

And if you want more tools to support you to get success, then find out more about my Mindset for Success course which gives you so much more and is till at an introductory price.

Dr Bridget

How Important do you Think You Are?

How Important are you?



Sometimes I come across people who inspire me to write a blog and there have been two people in the last month who have had challenges that I want to share with you for your reflection.

The first person was extremely busy growing a business and didn’t really have time to do the things that he needed to do to get a balance and really get what he wanted in his life. The second was a person who worked for a large corporate company who wanted to do something different and was not sure if she wanted to take a risk and go for it or not.

The thing that was common in both cases was a belief that they weren’t important and didn’t matter- this led to them not making the changes that they needed to  make to make them happy and give them what they wanted in life. In other words they were stuck.

This feeling of not mattering can come from the past, from your values or from your beliefs. It can also come from the people that you surround yourself with.

Watch the video below and then ask yourself the questions below and get in touch it you want to talk it through with me.

So its not about me saying  you are important- its about you knowing that you are and making changes in your life to show this and therefore do the following 3 things:

  • Be who you want to be
  • Do what you want to do
  • Have what you want to have

Ask yourself

Do you think that you are important throughout all areas of your life?

Are you standing up for yourself ?

Does your behaviour reflect that you are important to you?

If you are struggling with this then give me a call on 07973 635102 or book a appointment to have a free half hour with me because you are worth it!

Until next week, take care of yourself!

Dr Bridget


What Motivation are You Missing?

What Motivation and Drivers are You Missing?



We have looked previously at what our unconscious drivers are that either help or hinder us in getting our goals.

Here is the pdf which will help you do that if you haven’t done this before –How to work out your values.

We have drivers for each area of our life and when I worked out my top 4  for my business,they were a bit airy fairy and had no real directional push to them and were: Purpose, Fun, Clarity and Making a difference.

These were fine but in reality weren’t giving me a push or a drive to be successful in the way that I wanted. So I saw my coach and we did some Time Line Therapy which removed any limitations from my unconscious mind and , following that, my values were:

  • Determination
  • Achievement
  • Fun
  • Enjoying every moment

This was fine and felt right but they were quite exhausting and, following a discussion with a colleague, I started to realise that self care was important to me as I was so determined that I was exhausted. Also organisation was coming into my mind a lot as I  looked around and reviewed my surroundings- somewhat messy and disorganised . So I consciously decided to make these values more important and have been on a clean living month and have goal of tidying my desk over the coming week. Have a listen to the video and ask yourself what values are you missing from your top 4?


Below is the link to work out your values. This is a chapter in my book “Mindset for Business Success”.

How to work out your values.  Once you have done this, think about what might be missing from your top 4 and then consciously add them to your list of to dos.

So I am now busy tidying and looking after myself as well as being determined and achieving.

Give it a go and let me know what you think

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – giving you prescriptions for success