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EQUALITY is a hot topic at present, and, on International Women’s Day (Thursday March 8), it will be highlighted around the world more than ever.Equality

But equality may not be just about big campaigns, as highlighted at the BBC last year when they produced the pay list of their top presenters and found many women stars were getting far less than their male colleagues.

There are many issues among ordinary businesses that fall into the equality equation. Dr Bridget Kirsop, a leading neuro linguistic programming (NLP) trainer and coach based in South Wales, has highlighted how people tend to not ‘show up’ – in other words, they lack the confidence to believe in themselves as equals to their employers or other colleagues.

Dr Bridget said: “A lot of my clients struggle with confidence, self-worth and projecting success. The do not feel equal.

“There have been an awful lot of things happening over the last few years surrounding equality. The film industry have protested, as seen at the Academy Awards on Sunday when Frances McDormand, who won Best Actress for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, asked all the female nominees to stand up and be appreciated.

“There have been questions around equality in politics and paternity and maternity leave.

“I am interested in how people ‘show up’ in public and how you consider yourselves to be equal? A lot of clients I see are hiding away and not saying what they think and what they feel. They are just keeping the peace.

“To me, that comes from what has happened to them in the past, perhaps the way they have been brought up or things that have happened around them in their environment.

“These sort of things cause us to be small and not ‘show up’. So how can we ‘show up’ and be equal?”

She added: “If you are a boss, how are you contributing to your employee’s equality and what do you think of equality in the workplace?”


Dr-Bridget-Kirsop-and-Paul-ReesBRIDGEND business coach Paul Rees has expanded to the United States three years ahead of schedule thanks to working with one of the UK’s leading business success gurus, Dr Bridget Kirsop.

Mr Rees, who works in entrepreneurial and personal coaching from his base at Pyle Industrial Centre, flew to Ohio this month to deliver his programmes to Senior State Educationalists.

But he admitted he would not have been able to do it without the help of Dr Bridget Kirsop.

Mr Rees worked with Dr Bridget, who is an expert in self-sabotage, on an intensive two-day neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) weekend in August to increase his confidence.

And Mr Rees, founder of Accolade Academy based near Bridgend and who has also developed programmes in business role modelling, said: “Before we did the two days, I would have naturally steered away from delivering these programmes to the education sector due to the confidence of going in and thinking ‘can I teach a teacher how to teach?’

“In my lifetime, I would never have thought that. I am somebody who will say ‘yes’ to anything and figure it out afterwards but I would never have allowed the attraction of this to come into my life. I feel I was struggling with just the role modelling programmes.”

“It has been three months and I have now gone from struggling with the role modelling to now flying out to Ohio and introducing the programmes at State level which is anything between thirty to fifty teachers at a given time in a mentoring programme that I am having to make up, build and deliver.

“That confidence came from clearing out a trigger that I could not find or recognise because of the anxiety I felt. It is a complex thought process but very simple at the same time.

“I am a great believer that business becomes who you are. Before our two days of intensity but wonderfulness, my business was not this.

“If we are 18 months from now and my business become that, then I would say it was my hard work and my attention but the switch has been so quick that when you look at it, I would not have attracted this kind of opportunity in this space of time.

Mr Rees added: “I am three years ahead of plan for going to America.

“I have flown out to Ohio to present my programmes to the educational system out there at Principal and Superintendent level. That means we will be teaching the senior teachers and take our ‘Think Tank’ programmes and my coaching there.”

Dr Bridget, a former GP and expert in NLP Time Line Therapy, said: “I am very pleased to have made a difference for Paul and his business. To expand to the United States three years ahead of schedule is a superb achievement and I am proud to have played a part in helping him with this.

“Paul works across the globe already and is developing his business rapidly. I am sure that this new intiative in the United States will augment his world presence and I wish him well.”


‘TAKE care’ – it is a nice way to say goodbye to somebody when finishing a conversation. But how many people actually take that time to take care of themselves. Try a Brain Dump.

Dr Bridget Kirsop believes a Brain Dump can help clear your mind

Business mindset is about having clear thoughts but many businessmen and women have so many things going on in their mind that they are muddled before they start.

Work is overwhelming, the jobs put off from yesterday are now piling on top of the jobs today, and there are domestic issues at home to cope with. The school run has to be done before you start.

Small wonder why business people become stressed and, when that happens, self care is usually the first thing to go out of the window – and things just get worse.

Dr Bridget Kirsop, one of South Wales’ leading Certified NLP Master Coaches and Trainers, has worked with hundreds of sole traders, partnerships, business directors and company owners to improve their mindset and teach them to cope with the stresses encountered.

And she recommends a tool that a friend of hers, Jo Bendle, who had NLP training with Dr Bridget, recommended.

It is called ‘Brain Dump’ and spending an hour clearing the luggage from the brain once or twice a week works wonders.

Ahead of this week’s National Self Care Week, Dr Bridget said: “What you need to do is get an hour where you have no interruptions. You take a sheet of paper and write down everything in your head and your ‘To Dos’. When I did this, I had three hundred things on my ‘To Do’ list.

“It is remarkable how clearer you become by doing this.”

Self care is a crucial part of life, and Dr Bridget helps business owners, directors, managers and employers to control the negative aspects and become more positive.

She added: “You have so much going on in your head that you get stuck. It is not helpful from a productivity point of view. Whether you are running a business or at home, there is some stuff going around in your head unless you are very organised.”

Dr Bridget is holding new NLP and Mastermind training in 2018 where she will be improving people’s mindset and helping them to grow.

Then, when somebody says ‘take care’, you will be able to reply ‘I am, thanks’.


A GOOD and clear mindset is fundamental in running a business but the publication on Thursday of a

Dr Bridget Kirsop at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff

major document opening the window on mental health in the workplace showed that not everyone in business has this.

The Thriving At Work report says mindset issues are often taboo subjects in the workplace because of employees fears that they will lose their job if they reveal to an employer they have mental health problems.

For small business owners as well, stress-related mental health issues can be the difference between paying the mortgage that month and not.

Indeed, many SME owners and directors think they have to work through the pain to get by. But investing in personal development to cope with stressful situations is the best route to mental wellness.

Dr Bridget Kirsop, one of South Wales’ leading Certified NLP Master Coaches and Trainers, has worked with hundreds of sole traders, partnerships, business directors and company owners to improve their mindset and teach them to cope when any big negative which comes along.

Through her NLP and Mastermind groups, Dr Bridget installs positivity to the individual’s thinking which then transfers to their sub-conscious mindset.

And it is the right time for businessmen and women to take stock of themselves with Christmas approaching and the stressful rush towards reaching targets in the weeks before the festive break.

With National Stress Awareness Day taking place on November 1, Dr Bridget, who is hosting new Mastermind and NLP sessions in January and has a new website packed with information, said: “A stressed mindset completely hinders a business’ development at a fundamental level.

“When you are dealing with complicated issues within a company but have the noise of other problems competing for space within your head, that is not going to help you, the people working with you or your clients.

“Every business has stress at times, but there are NLP techniques to help alleviate these periods and steer you back on the right route.”

So serious has the issue of stress and mental health become that the Thriving At Work report says that a sixth of the UK population in the work ages of 16 to 64 suffer from some kind of mental health issue.

These issues can be anything from slight stress over some workplace situation to depression and, says the report, the problems are on the increase.

Dr Bridget added: “I have worked with a number of business people who have gone through these situations and have helped them to regain their confidence, build their resilience and help them control the fears and anxieties they have experienced.

“When ask a business person how things are going, the general reply is ‘great’ but behind the mask, they may be suffering. I remove the negative and help them to take control of their business and personal lives again.”

For more information about how Dr Bridget Kirsop can help your mental health issues, look in the different sections of this website.

What are you Never Going To Do? Boundaries

What are your Boundaries – what will you never do?

I was reading an article recently which talked about the things that the author was never going to do. I’d never really thought about that  before and found it really useful to make a list of things that I am never going to do. Since doing that, I’ve made some quite big changes and passed on some opportunities which I didn’t feel good about. These things weren’t about confidence or self esteem as I think I’m pretty OK with those, but just made me clearer on what my boundaries are and will be in the future – very useful!

Watch the video and then ask yourself the questions below and then come up with a list:


  • What makes you feel bad?
  • What doesn’t feel right?
  • Which people don’t get you
  • Who is always questioning what you do?
  • Who are your mood hoovers?
  • When can’t you be yourself?

Sometimes people struggle with their boundaries and want to please others or are afraid of the consequences of not doing something that they used to do. The 2 questions that I always ask myself in this scenario are:

What if you did?

What if you didn’t?

Create a list of what you are Never Going To Do – whey hey – that’s liberating isn’t it!

And let me know what’s on your list in the comments

Get the answers to the questions down on a  piece of paper and things will seem clearer, If you are still struggling, give me a call on 07973 635102 or fill in the form on the contact page to have a chat with someone who’s been there and will support you through finding the answers.

Until next week

Be yourself!

Dr Bridget

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