Growth MIndset

Do You Have a Fixed or a Growth Mindset?

Do you have a Fixed Mindset or a Growth Mindset? I've been…

How to Change Negative Beliefs to Positive Beliefs

How to change negative beliefs to positive beliefs I'm really…
Getting things out of your head

How to Get Things Out of Your Head

How to Get Things Out of Your Head You might have heard me talk…

Real Resilience – How to Get it and Keep it

Real Resilience - How to Get it and Keep it I was confused...…
Say NO

What happens if you say YES when you mean to say NO?

If you mean to Say NO and Say YES, then there may be consequences…
What are you going to sow

What Seeds of Success Are You Going to Sow?

Seeds of Success Hi - It's Spring and heading into summer in…
Be Authentic

How to Be Authentic

Are You Being Authentic Sometimes we surround ourselves with…
Bottling up emotions

The Consequences of Keeping Your Emotions Bottled Up

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Stress is harmful

How to Change Your Stress Levels

How to Change Your Stress levels Here in the UK its National…
Comfort Zone

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Are you stuck in your comfort zone? If you stay in  your comfort…
Influence beliefs

A Different Way to Influence People’s Beliefs

How to Influence People's Beliefs If you have been watching…
Your beliefs

How Did You Get Your Beliefs?

Where have Your Beliefs come from? I'm in the middle of running…