How to Chip Away at Things

How to chip away at the bits that don’t get you success

ChipI was at  a networking event recently and a very wise man gave a talk. It was really about how to get success in your life, business, work or relationships. And he used an analogy that really made me go WOW!!! I loved it and am sharing it with you for your reflection.

The analogy that he used came from a story about Michelangelo. He was in the process of creating “David” and a crowd had gathered to watch him. Someone asked how he knew which bit to chip away at and he said ” I chip away at the bits that don’t look like David”.  Watch the video and then reflect below it:

Here’s the thing – he had a vision of what David was going to look and feel like and therefore he could chip away at the bits he knew didn’t look like David

Do you have a vision and feel of what success looks like for you?

If you do, then it will be easy to notice the bits that don’t look like it.

So, I’m curious, what bits of your life do you need to chip away at because they don’t look like what you want? It certainly made me think.

If you know you want to remove bits but don’t know how, get in touch – I’m an expert at helping people remove what they no longer want or isn’t serving them.

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – expert chipper awayer at your service.

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Do you Know when You are Getting it Right?

Do you know when you are getting it right?


Got it right

I was walking down the path in the sun last week and I suddenly thought- “I’ve got this right!”

I had quite a long list of what to do, including getting ready for a course I am now running, training and walking the dogs, going to the gym, doing some gardening , reading and tidying (plus a few other things)

And I got to the middle of the afternoon and suddenly  thought “Boom!” And you know what:-

  • I felt peaceful
  • I felt excited
  • I felt in control
  • I felt I had choices

I don’t think I’d felt like this for some years and realised that I had some critieria for feeling this way. Watch the video and then ask yourself whether you have criteria for getting it right?

I’m interested- What are your criteria for getting it right?

Once you know what they things are, please let me know!-

Maybe you’ll need to start doing something, change things that you do or stop doing some things?

Let me know when you’ve got them! When you’ve got that feeling!

If you need some help, let me know!

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – helping people get it right

P.S You can achieve this  very quickly by coming on a course or working 1:1 with me



Notebook on a desk

Limiting Beliefs – Where have they come from?

Limiting beliefs – Where have they come from?

Limiting Beliefs

I talk about this moment a lot – I was sitting in my cabin trying to do a web site and business cards, worrying about not having any clients, and thinking about the time I went networking, stood up and couldn’t say what I did. It all boiled down to the belief I had – that I wasn’t good enough!

And here’s the thing – it was stopping me doing things, felt very uncomfortable and I had a lot of negative chatter in my head.

Have a watch of the video below and then have a think about where your limiting beliefs have come from and what you can do about them.

I expect you have a good idea of where your limiting beliefs come from? Or maybe you’ve never really considered that question?

While it’s good to accept that the only person that put those beliefs in your head is you, they often come from the following places:

Parents, grandparents, teachers, friends, colleagues,  relationships, the media, society beliefs and events that happen – all of these give us plenty of beliefs to adopt and believe are true.

When things happen or we adopt a belief, it always starts with a split second decision. For instance, when I stood up in a networking event and couldn’t say anything, that was a point in time when I decided that I wasn’t good enough.

Your brain then starts to notice similar events and your original decision becomes a self fulfilling belief which you think is true. That belief may work for you or not, depending on what you want to achieve  in life.

So , what can you do about a limiting belief:-

  1. Accept that you have a limiting belief and that it might not be true
  2. Accept that you put that belief in your head
  3. Ask yourself whether the belief is true or not? May be it is that bungee cord taking you back to an event where  you made that decision?
  4. Ask  yourself what you woud like to believe instead: – so for me that might be ” I can achieve whatever I want, I am an excellent coach, I can run a successful business”
  5. Look for the evidence of those things being true and believe those  things.

This works over time. If you don’t have time or you have tried these things in the past and still have limitations, then get in touch.

I am an expert in helping  cutting people cut those bungee cords very quickly so they can live their life in a fulfilling and happy way.

This can be done by Breakthrough coaching or by coming on an NLP training course which also gives you many other skills.

Until next week, focus on the empowering beliefs!

Dr Bridget – expert bungee cord cutter


Negative emotions

Expressing negative emotions – good or bad?

Expressing Negative Emotions – good or bad?

Negative emotions

Negative emotions

Here’s my take on it:

 I always think – is the negative emotion appropriate or not?

I’m going to take anger as my example negative emotion (there are others such as Sadness, Fear, Hurt and Guilt).

I find it difficult to  think of appropriate anger but I guess it may be someone driving into your car when driving carelessly, or a dog biting your child or being told off at work. Watch the video where I talk about whether its a good thing to express negative emotions or not and then look at the things that will help below:

If it is appropriate, make sure that you are in a helpful state to be able to communicate and express it and also be OK with any consequences.

If it is inappropriate, it may be as a result of being “wronged” in the past or that you keep getting dragged back to that event – a bit like a bungee cord pinging back – I call it negative anchors.

If you feel that the anger is inappropriate, what could you do instead?

  • Accept the anger
  • Accept that only you put the anger in your head
  • Ask yourself “What is it doing for you?” All emotions have a positive intention.
  • Reframe the intention of the emotion – For example if you are angry because you don’t feel heard and want to be heard, then find another way of being heard.
  • Understand that negative emotions harm the body and cause stress and dis-ease
  • Get in touch with me as I can help you get rid of negative emotions very quickly – just a few hours

The services that I offer to help you to cut the bungee cord are:

  1. Personal Breakthrough coaching – sorting out the negatives in just 2 days with ongoing support over 6 months
  2. NLP Training – also giving you the skills to work with other people as well as getting rid of negative emotions

Either way, get in touch to find out more.

So, until next week

Dr Bridget – expert in cutting bungee cords


Intuition – Helpful or not?

Intuition – Is it Helpful or Not?

IntuitionI often get my blog ideas from articles I read and one on intuition recently popped up in my inbox. Let’s face it – people say that intuition is THE thing to help you make decisions – that gut feeling – and I sort of agree that it can work really well for us. However it can be the worst thing as well- I’ve certainly made intuitive decisions that I’ve regretted in the past – how about you?

So, do you make your important decisions by Intuition? It’s is defined as an ability to know or understand something based on your feelings rather than facts.

When it’s working really well for you, it can be a source for creativity and decision making. And I don’t know if you’ve heard the story of the racing driver who braked just before the last corner instead of accelerating? There had been a crash just in front of him and his life was saved by that gut feel.

In the cases of the being the worst thing to use, you can keep making poor decisions becaues of your intuition and this is often when your unconscious mind has unhelpful beliefs which drive your decision making. Watch the video and find out how to sharpen yours below.

You can fine tune your intuition by using “Intuition Pumps” which add rational thinking to make sure what you have decided is the really the best thing for you.

Think of a project that you might be doing and:

  1. Focus on what you wouldn’t normally focus on – change the focus of your thinking to see if you have missed anything.
  2. Adopt an alient persepctive  or a fly on the wall perpective – what can you see that you haven’t noticed before?
  3. Change the people around you to get different perspectives and insights.

And if you find that your thinking is stuck on an unhelpful loop which means that your decision making can be flawed, get in touch. It may be due to limiting thoughts and feelings which can be changed very quickly.

Until next week

Dr Bridget – protecting you from yourself if needed.