What is NLP Master Practitioner Training?

It includes certification by the American Board of NLP and of Hypnosis at the levels of:
• NLP Master Practitioner
• Time Line therapy Practitioner
• Hypnosis Master Practitioner
• NLP Master Coach
Dr Bridget has designed this training to build upon the skills that have been gained at the previous levels of NLP – the Practitioner and the Time Line Therapy Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and NLP Coach levels. The really great thing about the Master Practitioner Training is that you become really flexible and use your skills to be able to enable changes with anyone very easily. It truly gives you that ability to use the curiosity and truly live as an NLP expert.

When you attend the 2017 NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training, you will learn:

• How to use your language in such a way that you can cause change in others without the use of techniques and therefore become a Master of Language
• Quantum Linguistics is a series of linguistic patterns that create change which is very effective and produces great results.
• You will also learn Sleight of Mouth patterns which you can use in everyday conversations and also change your clients thinking.
• Prime Concerns is another linguistic pattern that discovers and uses people’s language which represents the patterns of thinking that are going on at a deep level.
• You will also develop your Milton Model skills to a new level where you will be able to use the patterns unconsciously.
• We develop your knowledge and use of strategies, learning how to destroy strategies that aren’t useful. You will also learn how to install strategies.
• You increase your knowledge of Submodalities and learn ways to use them linguistically.
• We spend a whole afternoon looking and working with Meta Programs – those unconscious filters that determine how we do things. Very useful when working with others and teams.
• Values are a big part of this NLP training and teaching you about Values is very important in terms of how they are formed, how to elicit them, sort them into a hierarchy and also change values if they are not useful. As values are our motivators and what run our lives, this is key to aligning your actions towards your goals.
• You will learn how to use Values levels thinking, what it means, how to coach different values levels, how to change values levels and how to get rid of conflicts within values level thinking. This makes a huge difference to your results with clients.
• NLP Modelling is probably the most effective way of becoming excellent by modelling and installing strategies. You will also learn modelling through a board break – I’ve still got mine and wow, was it motivating! Life changing in fact!
• Learn advanced Time Line Therapy™ You will be introduced to the extremely powerful Drop down through technique and regression techniques. In this section we will show you how to use a values inventory and the relationship between that and Time Line Therapy™.
• Already knowledgeable on Ericksonian hypnosis, you will be shown how to use direct authoritarian hypnosis for deep trance. You will enjoy Estabrooks and Elman inductions and be confident about utilising them in the future.
• You will be taught how to do a Personal Breakthrough Session – this is an incredibly powerful session on two levels. A personal breakthrough session is where you work with your client for a day, take a detailed personal history, use your language to use loosen the problems that the client is experiencing and then use whatever interventions that you need to help the client let go of all their issues. You then work with their values and align them with their personal goals so that, when they leave the session, they have let go of all their issues and are totally focused and aligned to achieving their goals. You not only learn how to do a breakthrough session (a coaching day that is normally charged out at at least £2000) but you also experience all the benefits of it. – again life-changing!

The Intensive NLP Master Practitioner Certification® Training is where you master the NLP skills in a whole new way — It means that every NLP technique that you’ve ever learned before becomes much more powerful, much more effective. And you become skilled at coaching and communicating at an unconsciously competent level.

Watch the videos describing peoples experience of the course and then read the detail below the video…

Course Dates

12 days total

8-13th February and 8-13th March 2018