What to do about Overthinking

Overthinking – How to change the channel


Overthinking is very common and can be an issue which causes mental health challenges, lack of sleep and it also stops us from solving problems. I always  remember the time, a couple of years ago, when I was standing in the kitchen with so many things going on in my head and it kept me rooted to the ground and stuck! That was a physical manifestation of over thinking. It lead to procrastination and stopped me from sleeping.

Have a watch of the video below, and then read about the ways to stop the overthinking and change the channel, to one of a peaceful and focused mind

These are the main ways that I use and teach my clients to use:

  1. Notice all of the chatter- rather than just keeping overthinking. Become aware of it when it happens.
  2. Focus on solving the problem – use time management and productivity tools like the pomodora technique. Plan your month, week, day and hours. Write lists and prioritise. Journaling helps.
  3. Challenge the beliefs  you have that may not be true. If you think “I’m not good enough” or “I’ll never be able to do that”, you may be wrong and it may be a result of past programming and protecting yourself from past hurts.
  4. Schedule time for reflection. So journaling, meditation, mindfulness are very useful.
  5. Time Line Therapy (R) is an American Board of NLP technique which is extremely effective and removes major negative emotions and any limiting beliefs from your thinking. It’s amazing how effective this is and how the overthinking simply stops leaving you room to live your life to your full potential, Ask me for more information.

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Dr Bridget – clearing your thinking



‘TAKE care’ – it is a nice way to say goodbye to somebody when finishing a conversation. But how many people actually take that time to take care of themselves. Try a Brain Dump.

Dr Bridget Kirsop believes a Brain Dump can help clear your mind

Business mindset is about having clear thoughts but many businessmen and women have so many things going on in their mind that they are muddled before they start.

Work is overwhelming, the jobs put off from yesterday are now piling on top of the jobs today, and there are domestic issues at home to cope with. The school run has to be done before you start.

Small wonder why business people become stressed and, when that happens, self care is usually the first thing to go out of the window – and things just get worse.

Dr Bridget Kirsop, one of South Wales’ leading Certified NLP Master Coaches and Trainers, has worked with hundreds of sole traders, partnerships, business directors and company owners to improve their mindset and teach them to cope with the stresses encountered.

And she recommends a tool that a friend of hers, Jo Bendle, who had NLP training with Dr Bridget, recommended.

It is called ‘Brain Dump’ and spending an hour clearing the luggage from the brain once or twice a week works wonders.

Ahead of this week’s National Self Care Week, Dr Bridget said: “What you need to do is get an hour where you have no interruptions. You take a sheet of paper and write down everything in your head and your ‘To Dos’. When I did this, I had three hundred things on my ‘To Do’ list.

“It is remarkable how clearer you become by doing this.”

Self care is a crucial part of life, and Dr Bridget helps business owners, directors, managers and employers to control the negative aspects and become more positive.

She added: “You have so much going on in your head that you get stuck. It is not helpful from a productivity point of view. Whether you are running a business or at home, there is some stuff going around in your head unless you are very organised.”

Dr Bridget is holding new NLP and Mastermind training in 2018 where she will be improving people’s mindset and helping them to grow.

Then, when somebody says ‘take care’, you will be able to reply ‘I am, thanks’.