Why should we set goals? Here’s why, how and a worksheet to help.

Why should we set goals?

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

One of the things I do early on in my NLP Certified Practitioner training is to have everyone set their goal and understand some of the things that are essential for creating a compelling goal.  People who have completed the course often feedback that setting their goal is one of their favourite parts of the early training as it really gives them a sense of where they are going.

It’s about making sure that you have all your brain focused on the positives that you really want, this is much more effective than simply setting the old fashioned SMART goals. And the truth is, you can use these things and set goals every month, every week and every day and hour if you want to.

Watch the video below and start to set goals using the three things I discuss – I’ve also attached a pdf below the video which you can use to set your goals.

Here are the top 3 tips with a bit more of an explanation and the pdf with examples and space to write your own.

FREE PDF: 3 Must Do’s for Compelling goal setting

1.  Make sure that you write down what you want, rather than what you don’t want. Remember that what you focus on is what you get, so if you focus on what you don’t want, that’s what you will get. Also, make it about your whole life and make sure that you can act as if you already have it. If you can’t do this, then go back over your goals and ask yourself why not. Maybe you have some doubts?

2. Write down your sensory evidence for getting the goal. What will you see around you, hear and feel when you have this outcome

3. Write down when you want it, where you want it, how you are going to get it and who you want it with. Remember that all goals that are for you need to be under your control and you can get them without relying on someone else.

If you have any doubts or have set goals and never achieved them, give me a call apply for a free consultation and get some pointers. You can also fill in a form here and I will get in touch as soon as I can.

Remember, if you set compelling goals, you are likely to achieve them and if you don’t you probably won’t. If you’d like to learn more about setting goals and want to develop yourself personally and get great skills to use with teams, clients (and family) then you can become an NLP Practitioner.

If you want more help with your goals please check out How to make sure you get your goals – Part 1 to get started.

Till next time, happy goal setting

Dr Bridget

How to Make Sure You Get your Goals – Part 1

How to Make Sure You Get your Goals – Part 1

How to Make sure

Automatic Pilot

We all have destinations that we want to go to – especially now lock down is easing! Goals for our business, a new business , a different business maybe?

Or maybe something in our life – experiences, challenges, places to go, people to meet, jobs to get?

Here’s the thing – most people just dream about these goals and hope or try to get them. They don’t know that there is a specific method to  make sure that you get them. This is part 1 of how to make sure you get them.

Its the equivalent of flying to a destination on automatic pilot where you know you are going to get there – or a bit of trial and error on manual and a lot of just hoping.

IN 1981, George T Doran introduced the concept of SMART goals as a way to enable the management in organisations to write their goals. This has been improved using the NLP Compelling Outcome Model which uses the brains sensory preferences to make goals really compelling.

Watch the video below and then read the steps below to put the goal into your unconscious mind.

Let’s start by adding to the old SMART model to make it really compelling

S = Specific and Simple

Specific in terms of putting specific details down. How much money, what does your new relationship partner look like, how many people are in your team and so on. Also specific in terms of what you can see, hear, feel and say to your self.

M= Measurable and Meaningful

Knowing where you are now and where you are going and how you will measure your progress and know when you get there. Also making it something that you really really want – that has meaning in your life

A = Achievable and All of your Life

The goal or outcome needs to be something that you can achieve, once you have removed all of the obstacles in your way ( if there are any). It also needs to be a rounded and all of your life goal. What’s happening with your family, your friends, your work, your health and fitness, your leisure time and so on.

R = Realistic and Ecological

Make sure that your goal is realistic – I know that you all know whether your goal is realistic – whether you can have a turnover of x or y, or that you will have a career rise, or meet the love of your life.

Its magic wand thinking that you know is possible.

Ecological means that you have checked that it is  OK in your world. Sometimes people set goals that they really don’t want and know that they don’t want but still set them – that’s a no no for goals.

T = Timed and Towards

The time that you are going to get the goal is important. Your unconscious mind  needs to have this as an automatic pilot concept. The goal also needs to be what you want rather than what you don’t want. An example of this would be – “I am setting up a Community Interest Company” rather than “I don’t want to just keep my current company” A toward goal rather than an away from goal.

Once you have written down your goal – it should be a good page of writing – then ask yourself:

“When I think of this (the goal) do I have a  picture?

A representation of the goal should pop into your head. When I think of my C.I.C. , I see a picture of people chatting in my newly installed training and coaching room in my garden  and its really sunny and everyone is happy.

Once you have that picture, make it really compelling by adjusting the colours, the focus and the brightness. Make sure that you are looking through your own eyes rather than at yourself in the picture. Turn any sounds up or down and turn up the positive feelings that are attached to the picture. When you have done all of that, then count to 3 and click your fingers to seal that picture in.

Then whenever you think of that goal or outcome the picture will pop back in and your unconscious mind will help you to achieve it – that automatic pilot.

Have fun creating that goal that you really want and let me know if you are having any doubts – I do a free session to explore any obstacles that  you are putting in your way.

Further information on setting goals or outcomes in this way is available in my course – Mindset for Business Success – which can be found here and is on offer at the moment

Check out PART 2 of How to Make Sure You Get your Goals

Until next week,

Dr Bridget – flying you wherever you want to go.



Make the Difference to Your Future by Setting Goals Effectively

Make the Difference!

Make a Difference

Set your Goals

I remember sitting in my cabin, wondering how I was going to make it there – but then I didn’t really know where THERE was or what IT was! I thought that I might have to give up my relationships, my leisure time and my happiness and I had this constant battle going on in my head about whether it was worth it or not. But if you learn how to make the difference, it really helps you to define what you want

And then I remembered that I had all the skills that I needed to know Where I was going and what IT was I was aiming for that would really make the difference. – I had seen so many people who had engaged all of their brain in setting their goals and therefore completely knew they were going to get the goals. All they needed to do was follow the process, engage their brain by following the steps and then they would arrive.

And that is what I did and what you can do as well. In order to start and become great at setting goals, all you need to do is to come on my webinar (or if you’ve missed it , have a conversation with me) and then GO FOR IT!

Watch the video below where I talk about having support to get going, to find out HOW to set the goals using the whole of your brain, and to get really confident about using the process.

Imagine what your whole life would be like if  you use your whole brain to set goals and therefore get them- Come and join me on my webinar and find out how to do it or get in touch with me and lets start the journey!

Until next week

Happy Goal Setting!

Dr Bridget

Expectation – Good or bad?

expectations become reality

Expectations become Reality

Expectation – good or bad?

I’m going to be controversial.

We want results in life – right?

And is it ok to have what we want – right?

Great Relationships, Wealth, Health, Business or career success, Fun, Happiness, Anything else that we want

Some people believe that expectation leads to sadness and disappointment and I sort of get that, but if you are just leaving things to chance in case you get disappointed, then you are not in charge of your life- after all, your thoughts become your reality so let’s expect good things to happen!!!

Some Questions

Q.Have you ever noticed that the results that you get are directly related to your expectation of what is going to happen?

Q.Have you ever heard that “what you get is what you focus on”?

Q.And could you change your thoughts so that you are fully focused, have amazing goals and take the action needed?

I’ve been thinking about what we need to do to get what we want and have come up with these for you which are for your consideration ?

  • Develop a great emotional state
  • Have an expectation of getting what you want
  • Create goals that are specific and in your mind all of the time
  • Have empowering beliefs in yourself and  your ability to create the life that you want
  • And then take action!

Watch the video where I am at a business show and have an expectation of interacting with people to get a number of new clients that I can help to get success and fulfillment. And then have a think about what might be stopping you from doing this to get something that you want. And leave comments below or get in touch with me

What might be stopping you?

  • A lack of goals?
  • A lack of self belief?
  • A belief that you are not in charge of your life?
  • A negative emotional state?

All of these things that stop you or could be improved can be actioned by accessing a free consultation with me as a starting point.

The real questions are – do you want it enough? Are you worth it?

Until next week, set an expectation and let me know how it goes.

Dr Bridget

Are you focusing on the wrong things? Find out here

What are you focussing on?

The right things or the wrong things?

Broody hen with no focus


When something grabs our attention, we focus on it and pour our energy into it. But sometimes these activities are not helpful, and could actually be stopping us from reaching our life goal, happiness and/or success.

Focusing on the wrong tasks can actually derail us from our path to success and result in a detour. It can leave us feeling tired and stuck, and unhappy when we don’t see any progress in our lives but yet we are still using a lot of our energy.

In this week’s prescription for success video I have the help of broody Barbara (as pictured!) to help me demonstrate what the negative effect of having a particular focus can have on your life.

If you would like to find out if your focus is benefiting you or holding you back, then click here to download a helpful table. This table will be able to help you decide whether you need to change your focus or not.

If you change your focus, you WILL change your results.

If you do fill out the table, I would love to know what you found out. Is your focus on the right or wrong things and are you therefore getting the results you want? Or don’t want? And are you going to make a change? Let me know in the comments!

If you need help in changing your focus and reaching succeed, give me a ring on 07973 635102 or click here to fill in a form and claim a FREE consultation.

Until next time, happy brooding!!

Dr. Bridget

NLP tips to maintain your motivation

Motivation is a very personal thing. What motivates you, whether money, a deadline, penalty or reward may not motivate another person.

Motivation can also vary from day-to-day. One day you can feel highly motivated to do something and next day, before you know it, that motivation has vanished. Read more

An Easy Way To Achieve Your Goal And Keep On Course

Achieve your goal in a more effective way by starting with the end in mind

Starting with the end in mind is a great way to keep on course and achieve your goal. It takes a bit of practice and a different way of thinking which is definitely worth doing.  Once you get the hang of doing it this way, it will become clear that this is a great way to achieve more, get distracted less and feel fulfilled and proud of yourself.

The reason for writing this blog is that I recently attended a great day on how to produce on-line courses. Once we had decided what the reason was for doing the on line course and what we wanted to achieve, the rest of the actions became a lot clearer. So starting with the end product in mind meant that the beginning point was obvious and also very motivating!!

Watch and listen to the video below and then choose a goal and work backwards from the goal until you get to the starting point.


Start with the end in mind

Achieve your goal

Here’s an example from my goals for this year: – I’d like to eat my own vegetables. That is my end goal. So I can work backwards from eating my own vegetables and ask myself what’s the step before that which is needed so that I can eat my own vegetables – its to grow my own vegetables. Then whats the step before that and so on. I eventually worked out tha I need to set some time aside to plan how to do the research. The steps are below – you may have different steps of your own.

Eat my own vegetables ( The end point – the goal)

Grow my own vegetables

Decide what vegetables and how many

Choose a place to grow them

Do some research

Decide how to do some research

Set aside time to do the research (first thing to do)

So working from the end backwards is much more effective than starting randomly at the beginning and getting distracted along the say – Test it out and see how different this way of doing it is.

Let me know if you need any help and get in touch if you do

See you for my next prescription for success

Dr Bridget